The Weekly Static S01E08: It's Time For Our Special Q&A Edition!

In honor of New York Comic Con 2017 (translation: we're all busy as $#!& to be living normal lives between October 5th-8th), we're going to be doing things a little differently this week. Because a decent chunk of these five days has been dedicated elsewhere, we're going to take a break from looking back at […]

The Hobbit: Desolation Of Smaug Preview Footage – Details And Live Blog

In just over fifteen minutes, Peter Jackson is going to be taking part in a live video Q&A and premiering footage from the second Hobbit movie, The Desolation of Smaug.As we warned you a little while back, the event will be locked and only those who purchased a copy of An Unexpected Journey will have a[...]

Prometheus Virals Screening And Q&A With Director Johnny Hardstaff

The Prometheus pre-release excitement peaked, I think, with the David 8 commercial, but the whole viral campaign was pretty striking stuff.Next Monday evening, there's to be a screening of the virals in London, followed by a Q&A with their producer, Casper Delaney, and director Johnny Hardstaff, who was behind the David 8 promo and The[...]

Let Bleeding Cool Be Your Conduit To Joss Whedon

There are three "Joss Whedon films" due in cinemas this year. There's The Avengers, which he has both written and directed; there is Much Ado About Nothing, which he has adapted and directed; and there is Cabin in the Woods, which he has co-written with director Drew Goddard. To promote the latter, Whedon is going […]

Big, Out-Loud Laughs From The Post-Screening Q&A For Shame

It's the second feature film by the undeniably talented and ambitious Steve McQueen.Earlier this week, preview screenings of the film took place in cinemas across the UK, complete with live video link-up to an after screening Q&A in a London cinema As a result of the remote viewing, everybody in my screen was at liberty[...]

Bleeding I – Q&A With Image Publisher Eric Stephenson

Beginning a series of semi-regular chats with Image publisher Eric Stephenson. You got a question, email it in or add it to the comments… Rich: A number of people criticised me for being terribly harsh on you last time, for being an Image hater, for being one-sided, for being unprofessional in my questioning. Did you […]