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Comic Book Workers United
Williams, Elise Ringo, Emily Fields, Rob Pawson, Izze, Molly Hunt, Ashley Rall, Hannah Stroud, Maggie Manzano, Eric Kim, Bonnie M Taylor, David Faroz Precht, Nora Eyre, Erika Price, Emilie Wilkins, Sierra Barnes, Neil Kleid, Comic Cave PDX, Brandish Hudson, David Golbitz, Nicholas Poonamallee, Rachel Dukes, Jennifer de Guzman, Tim Vargulish-Chow, Sara Harrington, Brandon Greenwalt, Isaac[...]
Daddy and the Beanstalk
Andrew Weiner has sold his early reader graphic novel, Daddy And The Beanstalk, to Andrea Colvin at Little, Brown, to be drawn by Rachel Dukes and published in the winter of 2024 The graphic novel sees a young girl "Estella refuses to go to sleep without a bedtime story, so her father crafts his own hot-dog filled twist[...]
Cats, Garfield, And Buttholes – The CatConLA Interview With Rachel Dukes
One of the artists in attendance was Rachel Dukes, creator of Frankie Comics and Mixtape Comics Dukes was kind enough to take some time out of her busy schedule to answer a few of my cat questions at the convention. Cameron Hatheway: With your own website Mixtape Comics, you try avoiding being a crazy cat-lady, and[...]
7 Talented Creators Will Bring Us Steven Universe: Greg Universe Special #1
A collection of talented creators including Steven Universe creative team Jeremy Sorese and Coleman Engle, Liz Prince (Tomboy), Grace Kraft (Steven Universe), Kelly Turnbull (Monster High), Rachel Dukes (Garfield), and Chrystin Garland (Bee & PuppyCat) are coming together to bring us Steven Universe: Greg Universe Special #1 Based on Cartoon Network's hit original series, the[...]