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Comics Folk React To The Resignation Of Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Two days ago, Bleeding Cool ran a reaction post to what was happening to the Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Boris Johnson MP, and tried to explain what was going on. Yesterday Kieron Gillen explained it even more succinctly. And now it has been announced that Boris Johnson will be resigning as Conservative Party leader later today but will stay on as Prime Minister until October, after a new Party leader has been chosen. He may not get the chance. In two days' time, he will have been Prime Minister longer than Neville Chamberlain MP, in a month he will have been PM longer than Theresa May MP and I believe this may be the actual motivation for sticking around. But if he can't actually form an interim government between now and then, he will have no choice but to go sooner. So here is what a bunch of comic creators think about it all.

Comics Folk React To The Resignation Of Prime Minister Boris Johnson
Once & Future #27 by Kieron Gillen, Dan Mora and Tamra Bonvillain

Kieron Gillen: Sadly, due to him stringing this out for months, we've all used our best material already. Inconsiderate.

Tony Lee: So wait, he's resigning but he's not leaving? They're going to run a leadership campaign while he's still in the room?

Fraser Campbell:I'm loving this Tory line that Johnson "saved" the country from some kind of left wing disaster. Sure because a right wing disaster is somehow preferable. All been plain sailing until just a few days ago, eh? Media, please do not let them peddle this rubbish without challenge… A PM who thinks he's a President with a personal "mandate". It doesn't seem all that far fetched to imagine the Tories removing him as leader and him still refusing to resign as PM, with everyone having to just get on and pretend he's not there.

Ramsey Hassan: as I said, if Corbyn did usher in a disaster, it would be one where the public got the benefits instead of the billionaire donors

Si Spurrier: Oh wow… "I'll go, but I want to stay until my replacement is ready." If they continue to insist he goes now that's an unbelieeeevably humiliating exit. [rubs hands] "Come on, Borry, it's time to leave the playground." [sulky] "Fine, I'm, coming… But… " "Now, Borry." "Just one more go on the swings…?" [grabbing by collar] "NOW, Borry. It's somebody else's turn." "ONE MORE SLIDE! I NEED IT! I NEEEED IT!!" [wets pants as dragged away.]

Adam S. Messinger: Congrats to my English friends if Boris Johnson resigns today. I'm not a praying guy but this time I'm praying for ya'll it happens.

Jamie Delano: He's not actually gone yet.

Rob Williams: More time to spend with his kids.

Gary Russell: Not convinced this is good for Labour or the Lib Dems. A new Tory PM this far out from a GE only makes the Tories stronger and their floating voters more determined to "give them another chance". That said, I'm delighting in the personal destruction of Johnson and his "career".

Mike Collins:If he stays til October the stench of his rotting political corpse won't be something they can wash out

Gary Russell: I think you underestimate the way Tory voters think

Mike Collins: It's not hard Tory voters, it's the mass in the middle who flit between parties. They're the ones you catch

Roger Langridge: I watch this sh-tshow for 36 hours, I walk the dog and HE F-CKING RESIGNS WHILE I'M OUT. By this logic I should walk the dog six times a day, we might be rid of the lot by the end of the month

Gary Erskine: Just a reminder for Boris… LEAVE MEANS LEAVE

Paul O'Brien: I don't really have a problem with a PM claiming a personal mandate from the voters, if that's understood as a political claim rather than a legal one. Most voters *do* pay more attention to the party leader than to the identity of their local candidates. The claim may or may not be true depending on the facts, and it may be obvious that support at the time of the election has collapsed, etc. But it's not an inherent failure to grasp how the constitution works.

Ned Hartley: So. Who gets custody of Dominic Raab? So who's in charge of leaving drinks then?

John Lees: I have a lot of feelings about the demise of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister. The main feeling is happiness that he's finally going, and in the most abjectly humiliating manner possible.

Connor Tierney: Boris Johnson resigning is good in theory, but the lame truth is another Tory sleaze ball will replace him and we'll hate that one just as much. The party is the problem and we've been given a front row seat to that fact for the last 4 years, ignoring even the last hundred.

Ed Whiting: Boris going feels a bit like the end of Casino, "The bosses had finally had enough". Now all that's left is to dump him in the metaphorical shallow grave to be forgotten about.

John Lees:There are regrets and sadnesses I have about all this. It makes me sad that Boris won't be the PM who oversees Scotland leaving the UK. It makes me sad we don't get to see him officially rejected by the public in an election. It makes me sad he ever won the popular vote in 2019. But it's undeniable, he really had to go. He's done so much to degrade the rule of law, degrade Government, degrade the office of Prime Minister. He is a man with no integrity, no moral authority. May your political career rest in piss, Boris. Get tae f-ck.

Rik Worth:So David Cameron was the last Tory Prime Minister to actually serve a full term in office, and even that he had to share with Clegg. Lads, maybe the posh boi's aren't good at being in charge?

Claire Napier: It's not possible to humiliate someone with no integrity, it's not possible to punish someone completely devoted to being "wily." It's only possible to remove their ability to endanger

Joe Glass:"I resign…but not yet…I'll just *humble bumble* hang on a little bit. Maybe you'll all change your minds, heh heh"

And here's the beginning of a widely shared Telegraph article by Boris Johnson from twelve years ago, about then then-Prime Minister Gordon Brown MP when he was having his own spot of bother…

Comics Folk React To... Resignation Of Prime Minister Boris Johnson


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