British Comics Folk React To Another Prime Minister Resignation

Liz Truss, Prime Minister of Great Britain & Northern Ireland has resigned six weeks after she was elected to the role. Elected by the membership of the Conservative Party, who have a majority of elected MPs in the House Of Commons and so can form a government, that's how it works here. But since the economic crash caused by her recent budget, the resignation/firing of her Chancellor Of The Exchequer Kwazi Kwateng, and then of her Home Secretary Suella Braverman, and possibly her Chief Whip, it's all went down again today, with head of the 1922 committee of Conservative MPs, Sir Graham Brady, having had over a hundred letters from her MPs calling for her head, and early today took a secret meeting with Liz Truss in Downing Street to discuss what was to happens next. While Conservative MPs plotted over curries to decide who amongst their number might take over. And if they can come up with a single choice so as to avoid another tedious, longwinded and destructive election campaign amongst its members that may even see Boris Johnson return to power.

British Comics Folk React To What On Earth Is Happening In UK Politics

If Liz Truss had lasted until Sunday, then she would have completed a run of every British Prime Minister having an episode of Doctor Who go out during their premiership since the show began in 1963. But she will not. She has spoken to King Charles III to resign her premiership, has done so in front of No 10 Downing Street, and a new Conservative Party election is about to begin, but being curtailed to only a week. Meaning we will have had three Prime Ministers and four Chancellors of the Exchequer since the summer. Here's how a few British comic book creators are reacting as the news played out.

Tony Lee: Okay Parliament, we're coming back from our four-day break today, so you'd better not have done anything stupid while we've been gone…

Simon Spurrier: Braverman "accidentally" sending an email from the wrong account so she could resign without appearing disloyal. The modern equivalent of front line soldiers holding their hands up over the trench to catch a bullet and a ticket home. Except that I have sympathy for the latter.

Leah Moore: The Tories have systematically destroyed the economy, the NHS, the pound, mortgage rates, dental care, schools, further education, pensions, and screwed over rail workers, postal workers, bus drivers, nurses and teachers…its wonderful to see them do the same to the Tory party! I find it most pleasing how visibly livid they all are with it all. "I CANT BELIEVE WE ARE BEING SO USELESS AND SELF SERVING, UNDERHAND, LYING AND CHEATING AND BACKSTABBING?! WHAT HAPPENED?! WHEN DID WE BECOME THIS?" lololol i die… Politics live: "they are out of control, and things seem to be speeding up…maybe only days or hours.." "the chief whip said, and i quote: "i am f***ing livid, and i do not give a f*** anymore!"" Sh-t is getting WILD here folks…

Al Davison: 'Oh sh-t people can actually see us being what we've always been? I thought we hid it so well! Quick act reasonable… er, is there someone we can blackmail into showing us how to do that?'

Gary Erskine: BREAKING NEWS; Liz Truss is out as the new PM is ushered in. Whether they actually come in or just stay at the doorstep or wander off is still to be confirmed. #LarryTheCat

PJ Holden: "And I'm prepared to make unpopular decisions" and with that a single finger on the monkeys paw closed and Liz Truss became the new Tory prime minister.

Andrew Wheeler: Speaking as both a British voter and a resident of Toronto, I think it's time we moved past this disastrous and self-serving Tory regime.

Roger Langridge: If the Tories collapse then things could realign in unpredictable ways. Maybe better, maybe worse, but it would be interesting at least.

Ned Hartley: They call it the 1922 committee because that's how many letters Graham Brady has had this year.

British Comics Folk React To What On Earth Is Happening In UK Politics

Matt Garvey: Cannot wait to see which sh-t show prime minister we get next…again.

Samir: Mate… I'm worried…

Matt Garvey: Awww, mate, don't let it stress you out. let the Tories destroy themselves from the inside. Hopefully they'll be a vote of no confidence passed for a snap general election and we can finally get some people in place that will do whats right for the country & not themselves.

Samir: The problem I have my man is the last 5 years specifically have done so much damage to the uk and I just don't see anyone actually have tools or the presence in politics to help amend things…

PJ Holden: I genuinely didn't think the tories could inflict much more damage, I thought liz truss would be terrible but you know-managed decline. But it's like she drove the economy into the ground. So I'm happy for someone to take the reins and just NOT make things worse for a while.

Tony Lee: If she walks immediately, then it's Coffey. Which is terrifying.

Gary Frank: "Is the Labour Party offering solutions?" To which problem? "Er… all the terrible sh-t that the Tories keep doing." Yes. They're going to not keep doing all the terrible sh-t that the Tories keep doing.

David Macho: I am pretty sure that, if they win, Labour will do NOTHING to revert Brexit. Maybe they'll try have better relations with the EU, but that's it. They're too scared to even think about reverting something that has proven to be, as everybody knew it would be, a full-blown disaster.

Jamie Delano: Reckon the government of this hellhole is now just about available for anyone with the gumption (and desire) to just stroll in and take it…… Given the political condition, you'd have to imagine some 'patriots' considering the 'stability' a junta might promise…

Jenny McKinnon: Don't you think she looks tired?

She did. And then the news that Liz Truss had resigned hit.

British Comics Folk React To What On Earth Is Happening In UK Politics


Si Spurrier: BREAKING: main staircase at 10 Downing St to be extended to accommodate more photographs of former PMs.

Mike Collins: Resigning can't be enough, she has to dissolve Parliament. This has to be it.

James Peaty: She should. I doubt she will.

John McCrea: no chance, Boris will be back

Chris Weston: She probably gave King Charles the Covid virus this morning too.

Leah Moore: And shes gone!! Just like that! Poof in a cloud of green smoke! Now, the wheels of procedure will grind into motion again as they hurry to find any available lifeform to take over. All they need is a feral greed and ability to stab other candidates in the back fastest. Ready..go!

Jonathan Christopher Matthewson: Just a note, Truss will get a honorable pension, first bought about after Thatcher quit, she'll be pocketing over £100,000 a year, and, let's not forget how many kickbacks she got from the hedge fund and speculator scum when she tipped them off about her economic plans (insider trading anyone?) So much for being "A fighter, not a quitter!" What's most worrying? A large proportion of Tory M.P.'s are wanting BORIS back as leader as they're that worried about losing their seats. Absolutely disgusting!

Kev Sutherland: Dammit, lost the office sweepstake again. Who had 13:37?

Bryan Hitch: There surely needs to be a general election. Since Cameron stepped down. the Tories have failed to provide a leader they or we are satisfied with. They have proved consistently unable to govern and after all this the choice of who does govern must be OURS not theirs.

I. N. J. Culbard: Lettuce wins!

British Comics Folk React To What On Earth Is Happening In UK Politics
Screencap of Daily Star live feed over which would last longer, Liz Truss or a lettuce.

And how about an American guest spot?

Chuck Satterlee: Wow, the British public has more upheaval right now than even the frakked up USA. I say this without gloating. I wish two past dependable world leaders would get their sh-t together. What the hell is wrong with us?

Gerry Conway: The Tories have been a brain dead party almost as long as the #GOP. The big difference between the UK and America, IMHO, and why Labour is polling better than the Democrats here, is that UK voters recognize their class structure issues and Americans don't.

Chris Claremont: Autumn in New York where all the dogs go pran cing … out for a morning stroll with puppy, on the latest in a string of gorgeous fall days, with the trees just starting to turn. It's enough for a while to make one forget *all* the silliness in the world. Or, as the wolf said to the dog at their mutual cafe-clatch, we live free. And the dog replied, yes, but we have these really cool pets. Mostly. & now, back to X-treme #5! (Bloody heck, PM Liz Truss just resigned!)(could this be the return if Boris?)(Where of where is TW3 when really needed?) (Sorry about this, & it was such a lovely start to the day.)

Here comes another leadership election… maybe a General Election to follow?

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