Comic Creators React to Whatever it is Elon Musk is Doing With Twitter

So… yes. Twitter. Elon Musk. And all that jazz. Apparently, the latest has former Twitter employees finding they still have internal access as the people in charge of removing it may have quit. Here are what a bunch of comic book folk have been posting on Twitter in what may be their final tweets, depending how this all goes down…

Comic Creators React to Whatever it is Elon Musk is Doing With Twitter

Kieron Gillen: Chewing over what I'd write for a post-twitter essay and hit a central, basic thought: Twitter was the best and worst social media platform in history. I joined Twitter in 2007. I did so believing I was late to party, thinking I'd missed its best days. I was right.

Gail Simone: Seriously, Twitter has done a lot of powerful good. It amplifies unheard voices and gets information to people in an often life-changing way. But for me, the best part has been being ridiculous with friends… Folks, take some comfort in the fact that Kevin Sorbo will have to go back to yelling at dirt. I know Twitter has never been perfect. But I am very thankful it has existed, and even more thankful to the people who made it work. Hate that they're being treated badly… It would be nice to have one of my last tweets have this timeless message: Terfs are garbage. Even if it is Twitter's twilight time, it's still hugely rewarding to block Terfs. Life's little pleasures.

Jody Houser: Guess it's time to post those thirst traps we've been holding back, before the site disappears forever. #RIPTwitter

David Avallone: So Elon Musk HAS made a positive contribution to the future of humanity. Finally.

Mark Brooks: Space Karen is trending and I love it…. Good night Twitter. Good work. Sleep well. Elon will have most likely killed you by the morning.

Greg Pak: This is just to say: Grateful to everyone I've learned from here, to everyone who's supported me here, to everyone who's made me laugh, to everyone who's led and kept me going and worked alongside me for things we care about.

Alex Segura: Not sure if it's ending tonight or soon, but Twitter's meant a lot to me over the years. I've made friends. I've cheered on creators I admire. I've followed the news. Suggested books, music, and comics. It could be very bad at times, but I'll try to remember the good. #RIPTwitter

Mitch Gerads: Did I miss some new news today that makes it seem this Twitter ship is sinking like imminently? But seriously, isn't the most obvious path to guaranteed billions right now just putting together a complete clone of Twitter? Why are all these other upstart social media places trying to put a twist on it?

Annie Wu: Twitter was really good for tricking people into being friends with you if you weren't hot enough to do it on other sites

ComicPrintingUK: Pretty concerned that if twitter dies I die IN REAL LIFE.

Comic Creators React to Whatever it is Elon Musk is Doing With Twitter

Ming Doyle: If this is it, then farewell, Twitter. Thanks for never giving me access to an edit function, thereby teaching me live with my actions in all their indelible, ephemeral permanence. Here's some haircut selfies. We are all but trains rushing along the tracks, to what end, what end.

Frank Tieri: As you make your way out the Twitter exit please be aware I never liked any of you

Abraham Josephine Riesman: The "end" of Twitter is like the end of the Second Judean Commonwealth: the dream is dead, but that doesn't mean all the residents left or that there's no government. It just means the structure we all depended on has been conquered and will be warped beyond all recognition

Gerry Conway: Aside from Musk's clear incompetence as a manager, the larger crisis affecting Twitter is the debt burden the company accrued when he "bought" it. This is too typical of leveraged buyouts, and it's destroyed many businesses. It *should* be illegal.

Lilah Sturges: No matter what boneheaded choices you've made in your life, you've never paid $44 billion for a something only to publicly make a complete ass of yourself with it and get publicly and massively owned for it by people ON THE THING YOU BOUGHT.

Dan Jurgens: Twitter has been the ultimate hangout for the panicky, "Oh my god it's a crisis the sky is falling we're doomed and all gonna die," crowd for so long that it'd be kind of weird if they only thing they'd get to be right about… is Twitter's demise.

Arune Singh: Twitter creates a conversation that doesn't happen anywhere else. We are all equals in a thread, whereas in other platforms our comments are secondary to the original post in a very specific way. No other social platform encourages the same conversation and connection.

Francesco Francavilla: Before this place shuts down I would like to say it has been a pleas

Shannon Wheeler: Twitter Y2K.

Alex De Campi:  someone yesterday was like "twitter is dying, speak your dreams" and I couldn't think of anything except various producers or directors getting back to me w good news, but no, actually I want angel investors for this: If I had magic VC money and some awesome engineers I'd absolutely create a new indie version of Comixology that could accept both trad paper comics w a guided view option, and digital-first books using that gv to have more transition options than "scroll down"

Liam R Sharp: I'm away in Tucson for my son's bday, and largely offline. What's this Twitter news that seems to be doing the rounds? I missed it. Is it all (almost) over?

Peter Woods: He could have bribed 100,000 Twitter users $50,000 each to only post nice things about him and he could have saved $39 billion and all this embarrassment.

Steven DeKnight: I met my wife on this silly, lovely little app. From the bottoms of my heart, f-ck you, Elon.

Andy Diggle: Who knows, maybe everything will be fine! *whistling past the graveyard*

Chuck Satterlee: Elon is gonna make FYRE Festival 2… Twitter Burns a must see documentary

Duncan Jones: So Elon's next misstep is to make the promotion of tweets be based on the number of paid subscriptions liking a tweet. Let's imagine a nation spent a tiny amount of money on "verifying" bots and then used them to like trash propaganda… yeah. This ain't great.

Neil Gaiman: Remembering long-ago Twitter:


Scott Koblish: I think it's clear that Elon was sent from the future to destroy Twitter in order to avoid some sort of horrid nucelar calamity that twitter is somehow responsible for in 2025. He's done a breathtaking job of it.

Tim Hanley: I hope Twitter doesn't burn to the ground for lots of reasons, but the biggest one today is that I spent way too much time last week making a silly holiday ad to be my pinned tweet through the end of the year.

Landry Quinn Walker: So I'll say it again – Elon Musk is an idiot. And his ineptitude and stupidity is causing very real harm. But audiences and publishing leaders should have never have attempted to place value on something as absurd and artificial as a "follower count". That was stupid too.

Elizabeth Sandifer: Astonishing to realize I could probably do a better job of running Twitter than Elon Musk. (My rough strategy would be "recognize that I don't know what I'm doing and listen to people," which isn't even a great approach, but it beats Musk's.)

Scott Snyder: As Twitter burns to the ground, check out my latest newsletter post going over Thought Bubble highs and post-con lows, plus upcoming Best Jackett plans!

Augie De Blieck Jr.: If Twitter dies, what's our backup plan for canceling comedians at a moment's notice?

Rich Johnston: Elon Musk has to be performance art at this point. Are we sure he's not a member of the KLF, nailing Twitter to a post and setting it on fire? But from the only one who actually matters?

Valerie D'Orazio: Still on Twitter mostly for the one-liners…

Joe Glass: There's a thought: if twitter does go, I don't know how I'm going to find new artists to work on my future books.

Josh Adams: Hey everyone! It's my first day on Twitter and I'd just like to say…oh no.

Chip Zdarsky: not sure what I'll do without twitter. I made a lot of great enemies here… going to miss this place. twitter is how I got the job writing batman. DC saw my tweet "actually batman is antifa" and they hired me

sonoflibertyradio: No wonder DC is going down the toilet. If editorial is trolling twitter instead of portfolios and sample scripts no wonder we are getting vacuous stories without depth and characters whose only purpose is to exist is to talk about whether they liked to be pegged or to peg.

Chip Zdarsky: legit going to miss this place

Andrea Shea: It's true, I've never read a comic book in my life. I just send random strangers a piece of paper that says PEGGING? y/n circle one and only hire the y people… and as y'all are no doubt aware, all my comics are bangers

Ram V: Ahhh the secret comics handshake…

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