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Super7's new rock ReAction figures
Super7 debuted two new ReAction figures today, both paying tribute to and immortalizing two more rock bands icons Motorhead is no stranger to ReAction, as the War-Pig has been out before This new figure is bloody after "having a good time with his axe" The big news from the two reveals would be the new[...]
Super7 will put out a new wave of Aliens ReAction figures next Wednesday.
Aliens ReAction figures are on the way from Super7 This wave will focus on the humans from the film, after a wave of Xenomorphs a couple of months ago, which are still available Ripley, Hicks, Hudson, Newt, Vasquez, and android Bishop will all be open on gorgeous vintage style packaging Bishop features pull apart battle[...]
Super7 Red Dawn ReAction figures are now on sale.
Red Dawn ReAction figures are now on sale from Super7 One of the iconic films from the '80s, these are certainly a dream come true for fans of the film Super7's Brian Flynn has often talked about how these were a pet project for himself, and thankfully we can buy them too The figures are[...]
Super7 ReAction Figures: My Pet Monster and MOTU Beasts Available Now
Super7 is now taking orders for two new sets of ReAction figures First, My Pet Monster! What a blast from the past it was seeing these pop up Two figures are available for $18 each: My Pet Monster, and My Football Monster Seriously, this was one of my favorite toys from my childhood, and I[...]
Bleeding Cool's 10 Most Wanted SDCC 2019 Exclusives
($125, for sale at the NECA booth) Super7 Breakin ReAction Three Pack One of the great, forgotten 80's films is getting a set of ReAction figures at SDCC Breakin figures will be released on single cards later, but this epic set in these colorways will only be available at the con this year ($35, available at the[...]
Super7 SDCC 2019: TMNT, Breakin, and So Much More!
On the show floor at their booth, they will be debuting their TMNT ReAction figures in a special package, along with their awesome ReAction Breakin set, along with more ReAction figures than you can shake a stick at, including another version of one of my favorites, The Great Garloo! Check it out below. At the store[...]