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Fanboy Wrampage: Reby Hardy Fights Ashley Massaro Over Matt Hardy
It's been a while since we last checked in on the Twitter account of Reby Hardy, professional wrestler and wife of WWE superstar Matt Hardy who seems to prefer to settle disputes in the ring known as social media rather than the squared circle Hardy found herself in a last woman standing Twitter match with[...]
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"As a fresh person into the wrestling world, a guy from the corporate environment where we don't play in the social media world, we clearly took on a shitstorm — and I got my head handed to me." Nordholm's public feuding with Matt Hardy's wife, Reby Hardy, over the Broken gimmick made headlines throughout 2017, and[...]
Delightful! Matt Hardy Has Won The War With Impact Over Broken Gimmick
The following months saw Matt Hardy and his wife Reby Hardy engaged in an epic Twitter feud over the rights, which the Hardys say they created, even funding some tapings with their own money, against Impact, Dutch Mantell, new (at the time) (but now deposed) Impact executive Jeff Jarrett, and Impact parent company Anthem Sports[...]
In the ongoing legal battle over the rights to the Broken Matt Hardy pro wrestling gimmick, Baltimore Seafood restaurant Jimmy's Famous Seafood has weighed in, firmly on Team Hardy. Hardy legal counsel and wife of Matt Hardy, Reby Hardy, revealed a private Twitter conversation between the restaurant and the official Impact Wrestling account in which Jimmy's[...]
Dixie Carter Will Appear On WWE Network, Congratulates AJ Styles, Agrees With Matt Hardy
Carter's new alliance with WWE looks like a case of "my enemy's enemy is my friend." #WWE24 will feature exclusive interviews w/ @RealKurtAngle, @TNADixie & @VinceMcMahon on @WWENetwork after #RAW: — WWE Network (@WWENetwork) July 7, 2017 And one of Carter's first acts as a defector was to reach out to former TNA superstar Matt Hardy,[...]
PSA: Don't Post Photos Of Reby Hardy's Kids In The Same Tweet As Lita
Reby Hardy set her targets on WWE Hall of Famer Lita today, calling her husband's ex-girlfriend a "hoe." Reby Hardy usually reserves her Twitter ire for Impact Wrestling, its owner Anthem Sports And Entertainment, and officials like Jeff Jarrett, Dutch Mantell, and Ed Norholm But when a fan posted a photo of The Hardy Boys and[...]
Impact President Ed Nordholm: WWE "Not Interested" In Broken Hardys Gimmick
Impact Wrestling president Ed Nordholm appeared on the Live Audio Wrestling podcast recently (transcription via 411 Wrestling), and he opened up about the Broken gimmick, currently the subject of a legal rights dispute between Impact and the Hardys, playing out mainly via twitter feuds involving Matt Hardy, Matt Hardy's wife, Reby Hardy, and TNA official Dutch[...]
Matt Hardy Broken Battle Not Done As Impact Wrestling Files Trademark Claim
Rumors on wrestling dirt sheets said WWE was looking to purchase the Broken gimmick from Impact Wrestling, as Hardy has been in an ongoing legal feud over the trademark mostly playing out via his wife Reby Hardy's Twitter account, though Hardy also registered a trademark for the gimmick However, dirt sheets today are reporting that[...]
WWE Reportedly Plans To Use Hardys' Broken Gimmick, Will Make Deal With That Owl
Unfortunately, that gimmick is tied up in a legal battle between the lawyers of Impact Wrestling owners Anthem Sports & Entertainment and Matt Hardy's wife, Reby Hardy. But despite the strong legal performance of Reby Hardy's epic Twitter rants, WWE may be looking to negotiate with Anthem for the rights, at least according to a report[...]
Reby Hardy Files New Twitter Brief In Feud With TNA Over Broken Hardys Trademarks
Matt Hardy's wife Reby Hardy took  took the case to Twitter with an epic rant, humorously coining the phrase F*** That Owl in reference to Anthem's logo Soon after, Hardy announced, in the midst of another rant, that the Hardys would have legal representation in the case going forward. It's unknown what's currently happening in court, but[...]