How 22 Scottish Comic Book Characters Will Vote In This Month's Referendum

Illustration by Gill Hatcher.

In two weeks, the people Scotland will vote on whether or not it should become an independent nation, severing its national ties from the United Kingdom, also comprised of England, Wales and Northern Ireland.


Comic creators have been rather backwards in coming forwards over the issue, with the most prominent supporter for the Yes Vote, Mark Millar, wobbling recently.

So it's far better to speculate how your favourite Scottish comic book characters vote in the upcoming election instead!


Wolfsbane, original mutant member of the New Mutants. A team payer in repeated iterations of X-Factor, a proponent of "Better Together". Vote No.


Scrooge McDuck. An ex-pat, and unable to vote, he'd probably  buy votes on eBay. But with his investments, he's not one to risk market vulnerability, so it's a No from him.


Kylun. A Scottish mutant who travelled to another dimension when he was a young boy, where he became a fearsome warrior, before returning home to fight alongside Excalibur, he's a great believer in the fact that anything is possible. One should seize the day. And has a touch of the William Walliace. He's a Yes.


Oor Wullie. One of the strongest Yes voters, but for him it doesn't go far enough and he actually wants his bucket to become an independent state.


Hotshot Hamish. Another one of those team players. It's a No from Hamish.


The Piper from Adventures In The Rifle Brigade. While he seems an obvious Yes voter, all he was able to tell our survey was via the medium of nosebleed-and-earbleed-inducing bagpipes. Unknown.


The Jocks. Famed for their battles with the Geordies, despite their innate feelings of separation from England, an independent Scotland may make for harder trips down to Newcastle to beat the shit out of the locals. They even may have their passports confiscated. So it's a reluctant, pragmatic No from them.


Moira MacTaggart. No. She relies on large government funding for her Mutant institute, and that comes direct from Westminster.


Proteus. Yes. Anything to needle his mother, Moira.


Legion. Half of him says yes. Half of him says no. A spoiled ballot.


Mirror Master. Yes, oh yes, Absolutely, yes. Also, Alex Salmond is a vain man, so there will be more mirrors everywhere in a new independent Scotland, perfect for the Mirror Master to infiltrate the highest powers in the land.


Bible John Carik. Suffering from competitive visions showing equal measures of doom and disaster for either result, he has decided to abstain.


The Broons. A family divided. Paw and Granpaw vote Yes, Maw votes No, Hen votes No, Daphne votes yes, Maggie votes No, Joe votes Yes, Horace votes No and the twins and the bairn just needle everyone to distract them long enough to raid the biscuit barrels.


Alistaire Stuart. Scientific genius with a mutable body, he likes the idea of change. Also, his dead twin sister was a bit of a nationalist and he wants to honour her memory. So, yes.

Saltire Annihilation Preview colour

Saltire. Yes. Obviously.

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