Outlandish Outlander Theory – Is It Not Being Broadcast In The UK Because Of The Scottish Referendum?

Outlander – the new time travel Scottish historical TV series – was all over San Diego Comic Con and has made a big splash in the US on its launch. It has also launched to acclaim in Australia and Canada. But in the UK, we haven't seen hide nor hair of it.

The usual players Sky One, Sky Atlantic, Channel 4 and Channel 5, none of them seem to have made a bid.

Which, considering it is set during a rather interesting period of Scottish history, filmed in the UK and starring a bunch of Brits, is rather odd.

But next month in the UK is the Scottish Referendum. Where every resident of Scotland is entitled to vote on whether or not Scotland should remain part of the United Kingdom, or secede, becoming its on independent nation as it was centuries ago, before the Scottish King James VI ascended to the English throne as well as being King James I, in 1603.

The writer of the books the series is based upon, Diana Gabaldon, has told the Sun newspaper that she believes the decision to not buy the show is to keep from influencing the referendum.

"You hear all these rumours that it's about Scottish independence and they don't want to inflame people towards the Yes vote. It's because of the Jacobite historical background, which is very important to the story."

The hashtag #UKTVNeedsOutlander has been doing its bit…

images (2) images (1) images Bu3whdrIYAIlDdDMaybe not so outlandish after all? And maybe, whatever the result, Outlander-wannabewatchers may get a nice surprise in October…

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