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Marvel Abandons 'Registered Gifted' Trademark, In Favour Of Inhumans…
A couple of years ago, Marvel Comics applied to register the trademark for "Registered Gifted" Ahead of the Agents Of SHIELD TV show, it was used as a handy way to talk about the superpowered without saying "mutant". And it looked as if this was the term that was going it be used on the TV[...]
Looks Like "Registered Gifted" Is Indeed An Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Term…
August Richards) who becomes the "unregistered gifted," in SHIELD-speak, they must hunt down. So, on capture, they will become… registered gifted. We wondered about this trademark And exactly what it might refer to. Well, we get our answer, from the Variety mini-overview; As for matters at hand, the pilot does a great deal of business, introducing the intrepid[...]
Joining The Dots On Marvel Movies/TV Continuity
How will they describe their powers? In the SHIELD panel, supercharacters were described as "gifted". Could that be where the trademarked term "registered gifted" is going to come into play? An alternative term for… the M-Word? Or is this all a load of hobo's piss?   Okay, the following joins some dots There may be some spoilers here, but[...]
What Is Marvel's "Registered Gifted"?
On July 19th, Marvel Comics registered trademarks for Age Of Ultron, just before announcing the name of the second Avengers film. On the 16th, Marvel registered the phrase "Registered Gifted" for use in, breathe in… Comic books; graphic novels; printed periodicals in the field of comic book stories and artwork; printed visuals in the nature of comic[...]