Activision Responds To Nazi Punching Debate By Returning Call Of Duty 2017 To Its "Roots"


During Activision's fourth quarter sales call, it was revealed that the company was disappointed by sales of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, even though it was the highest selling game in the United States for 2016. Some people are just never happy right? The reason for the disappointment? The "space setting didn't resonate" with players, and Infinite Warfare "wasn't the success we planned."

The company stated that the game will "return to its roots" and "traditional combat will once again take center stage" in this year's title, which is currently in development from Sledgehammer Games. Which makes me think we're going back to WWII, but I'll get to that in a minute. Just, bear with me for a little here.

So, a few weeks back when Richard Spencer was punched in the face a few times, a debate sprung up about the morality of punching Nazis. We asked Warren Ellis, we asked a vintage Captain America comic, and we asked current Captain America writer Nick Spencer. We then questioned Nick Spencer's expertise in writing Captain America because of his reluctance to punch Nazis, and we begged Funko to make a Warren Ellis Nazi Punching Pop vinyl. Then Captain America actor Chris Evans recently got into a twitter war with David Duke which led to more fun on the Nazi punching, this time metaphorically (I hope Nick Spencer is happy), and we also gave you a Greatest Hits collection of superheroes punching Nazis.. We had a lot of fun with this, is what I'm saying. But here's where Call of Duty comes in.

Oh the memories
Oh the memories

For those unaware, the original Call of Duty games were all based during WWII, mostly in Western Europe. So to truly return the game to its roots, we've got back the western theater and we need to be shooting Nazis. And also probably punching them. So I'm taking this to mean that Activision approves of Nazi punching.

WWII Call of Duty collage courtesy of the Call of Duty wiki page
WWII Call of Duty collage courtesy of the Call of Duty wiki page

If there isn't an achievement for punching 10,000 Nazis I will be sorely disappointed.

Granted, I could also be totally off base and they just meant that we'll be back on Earth for the next Call of Duty: something something Warfare.

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