As U.S. Election Looms, Clinton Surrogate Nick Spencer Steps Up Crucial Twitter Game

spencerclintonA lot has been said about the Hillary Clinton campaign's ground game and how it may affect voter turnout in the U.S. presidential election on November 8. But perhaps more vital than that legendary ground game is the campaign's social media presence, led by the unlikely figure of comic book writer Nick Spencer. Since Clinton first announced her plans to run for office, Spencer has been on the forefront of Clinton's fight for the White House, tweeting tirelessly, hour after hour, day after day, week after week, in service of getting Clinton elected. And with Election Day now just two days away, and opponent Donald Trump pulling out every dirty trick in the book in an attempt to sway voters, Spencer's efforts are more vital than ever before.

Spencer's one-man Twitter campaign has almost singlehandedly taken Clinton nearly all the way to the White House, but the final stretch is no time for Spencer to rest on his laurels. These next two days may be the most important in Spencer's entire career as the nation prepares to head to the polls and cast their votes for one of two choices: Donald Trump, or, as Spencer tells his followers over and over and over, even though it's statistically unlikely anyone who disagrees with him politically is still following him on Twitter after tens of thousands of tweets about the subject, the correct one: Hillary Clinton. Spencer has become laser-focused as the election approaches, redoubling his efforts to control not only the outcome of the election, but even the weather itself.

Traditionally, followers of comic book creators on social media aren't looking for a nonstop barrage of partisan political commentary, Spencer has eschewed social norms and directed more than 98% of his twitter efforts toward getting Clinton elected, with only 1.5% going toward promoting his work on comics like Captain America, The Fix, and Morning Glories. The remaining .5% of Spencer's tweets consist of nonsensical gibberish resulting from Spencer's unconscious head finally crashing into his keyboard after staying up for 72 hour stretches live-tweeting various political debates and scandals. Note: the estimates of Spencer's Twitter time distribution have a margin of error of +/- 3%.

Not only does Spencer tweet about Hillary Clinton for the vast majority of his free time, but time spent on social media appears to consume a large portion of Spencer's day as as whole. It's a trend that affects a lot of comic book pros, while in what is surely a completely unrelated trend, an increasing number of comic book releases are delayed despite ample lead time. But Spencer takes things to a completely different level, and can be found online at all hours of the morning, day, or night, tirelessly battling Trump supporters, Bernie Bros, and even Clinton supporters who Spencer feels aren't taking the threat of Hillary Clinton not becoming president seriously enough.

Rather than distracting from his comic book writing duties, however, Spencer's daily outpouring of support for Hillary Clinton on Twitter seems to have invigorated his less important comics career. Spencer's decision to turn Captain America into a Nazi can be viewed as inspired by longtime progressive hero Bernie Sanders' turn to the dark side to challenge Hillary Clinton's rightful ascension in the Democratic primaries, while Cap's inevitable return to non-Hydra-agent status mirrors Sanders' eventual decision to cede the primary and back Clinton in the general election.

The fate of America, and possibly the entire world, will be determined on Tuesday, November 8. But once the dust settles, Nick Spencer won't be left without a purpose. In the event of a Clinton victory, Spencer may shift his efforts from getting Clinton elected to advocating for her policy proposals, perhaps even under the official auspices of an appointment as Democratic Twitter Whip. In the event of the horrifying prospect of a Trump victory, which we must admit seems unlikely after the years of hard work Spencer has invested in the campaign, that will give Spencer four years to drum up support for Clinton's 2020 run. Thankfully, Spencer is confident it won't need to come to that.

If you live in the U.S., Nick Spencer hopes you'll head to your local polling station Tuesday and cast your vote for Hillary Clinton. If you're a Trump supporter, third party voter, small child, felon, legitimate or illegitimate child or ex-wife of Donald Trump, dog who speaks English, sentient computer AI, or for any other reason whatsoever unwilling or unable to vote for Clinton, well, you're part of the problem, and Spencer will deal with you eventually. Just as soon as he finishes typing up the next 87 tweets about the most recent poll numbers that he's got to send out in the next hour. Oh, and somewhere in all of that, he'll probably need to find time to write a comic script as well.

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