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River Song tries to explain to the Doctor on Doctor Who, courtesy of BBC Studios.

Doctor Who: Steven Moffat On That 2008 Future Doctor Everyone Missed

During a dual interview between the two screenwriters for the series' monthly magazine, it was revealed that 2008 episodes "Silence in the Library" and "Forest of the Dead" actually introduced a future version of the Doctor (played during this time by David Tennant) disguised as Colin Salmon’s satellite-with-feeling Doctor Moon.[caption id="attachment_1201910" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Colin Salmon[...]

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"Doctor Who": BBC Honors 11th Doctor's Best "Geronimo!" Moments [VIDEO]

The life and mystery of River Song (Alex Kingston) became a major part of Smith’s time on the show It also put Karen Gillan on the map as Amy Pond.https://youtu.be/4F84WapAH7M "Doctor Who": Highs and Lows of the Moffat Era Unfortunately, their next seasons also showcased Moffat’s storytelling excesses[...]

“The Diaries of River Song Series 06” is Fan Service at its Purest [Review]

"The Diary of River Song: Series Six": Fan Service at Its Purest [SPOILER REVIEW]

Big Finish Productions released the latest “season” or “box set” of Doctor Who spinoff The Diary of River Song this week Alex Kingston's River Song is a character so limitless in potential that the writers are just giddy with where they can take her She’s a character who literally can go anywhere and do anything,[...]


'Doctor Who': The 12th Doctor's Flawed but Ambitious Run [BC Rewind]

This applied to Amy Pond, who never really had an inner life; and River Song, who had all the affectations of a cool, tough female character but often came off more like a plot device than a character Moffat’s female characters often existed in service to and in relation to The Doctor Even Missy, his[...]

Doctor Who Showrunner "Doesn't Know" if Show Will Bring Back River Song

However, when asked about the possibility of River Song returning at the show's New York Comic Con premiere panel, new showrunner Chris Chibnall seemed less sure than before By which we mean not sure at all.Chibnall said he "doesn't know" when asked if the show will bring back the Doctor's wife, now in a same-sex[...]

Alex Kingston Talks River Song's Plans For Jodie Whittaker's Doctor

Whovians know her as River Song, wife of The Doctor, 90's tv fans know her as Dr Elizabeth Corday from ER, we know her as awesome.The panel went about how most of them do; chatting about the event (this was Alex's second Dragon Con), the weather, and the fan photo ops she'd just finished before making[...]

'Doctor Who': We Knew Jodie Whittaker Was New Who Before River Song

Scheduling the announcement for after the finish of the Men's Final of Wimbledon Tennis only increased the interest in what was to come.And while a number of past Doctors have weighed-in with their approvals (including Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy), what about The Doctor's "wife" herself, River Song (Alex Kingston)? When did she find out[...]

Ten Thoughts About Doctor Who: The Angels Take Manhattan

Why Can't They Go Back?The Doctor keeps visiting River Song even though he knows about her death He's visited many people knowing about their death? Why can't he visit, as long as he drops them off again? Or does he just not trust himself?Oh that final scene with Amy though, in a graveyard, did it[...]

Steven Moffat Outs River Song As Bisexual

It seems like Captain Jack isn't the only bisexual in the good Doctor's cadre of travelling companions as Steven Moffat has now outed River Song via Twitter.So in the "fine tradition" of the British Tabloids, here's the picture that proves River Songs would kiss a girl and like it (and, of course, a boy, for[...]