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Mao: Rumiko Takahashi Plays it Straight and Spooky This Time
Mao is the latest manga by the prolific Rumiko Takahashi, arguably the most successful female comics creator in the world She recently finished the teen exorcist comedy manga Rin-ne and plays it straight this time. "Mao Vol 1" cover art courtesy of Viz Media. High schooler Nanoka, she of the tragic backstory where she miraculously survived a[...]
Mao: Viz Media Premieres New Rumiko Takahashi Manga Series!
Rumiko Takahashi is probably the most successful female comics creator in the world and one of the most prolific with a long list of hit manga series that dates all the way back to the 1980s A former student and protégé of Lone Wolf and Cub creator Kazuo Koike, she has created popular series like[...]
Viz Media Releases Advance List of June 2021 Titles
4 Story and Art by Rumiko Takahashi Yusaku Godai has set his heart on Kyoko Otonashi, but he still goes on dates with Kozue Nanao frequently Kozue senses that Godai is growing emotionally distant, so she asks Kyoko's tennis coach Shun Mitaka for advice Yet once Mitaka gets involved, misunderstandings abound on all sides! June 15,[...]
Viz Media Releases List of March 2021 Manga Titles
3 Story and Art by Rumiko Takahashi Yusaku Godai is suffering because Maison Ikkoku's lovely resident manager, Kyoko Otonashi, is giving him the cold shoulder He's been dating Kozue Nanao, and as a starving college student Yusaku enjoys the free dinner her family provides him twice a week Yusaku knows he needs to end things with[...]
Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon: Viz Media Unveils Inuyasha Anime Sequel
The series is an anime-only sequel to Rumiko Takahashi's classic manga and anime series Inuyasha The original manga series ran from 1996 to 2008 and has been published in 56 takubon paperback volumes The anime ran from 2000 to 2004 with 167 episodes, then a sequel that adapted the rest of the manga story ran[...]
Viz Media Announces November 2020 Titles
8 By Rumiko Takahashi Disaster-prone Ataru isn't the least bit interested when he stumbles upon a parent and teenager hurling insults at each other on the beach, but everything changes when Ataru finds out that teenager Ryunosuke Fujisaki is actually a girl! Later, a nervous fire-breathing Ten meets his pyro-hating mother, which makes it the[...]
Viz Media Announces March 2020 Manga Titles
32 By Rumiko Takahashi  Rinne comes into possession of his mother's scythe and Shinigami License at a pawn shop and learns about her life and mysterious disappearance from his father and grandmother Later, Sakura introduces Rinne to an elementary school girl who can see ghosts, and she leads him to a surprising discovery about his mother's whereabouts! For[...]
Viz Media Unveils List of February 2020 Manga Releases
5 By Rumiko Takahashi A strange rumor ripples through the quiet town of Tomobiki—Lum is participating in an arranged marriage event! As Lum cheerfully gets dolled up for this intergalactic gala, Ataru pretends to be indifferent to the news Upset that Lum might find the husband of her dreams, though, Ataru contemplates following her into outer space[...]
Viz Media Releases November 2019 Manga and Art Book Titles
4 By Rumiko Takahashi Lum's childhood friend Ran continues to cause trouble with her kisses, but that's the least of Ataru's worries! Ten, Lum's little cousin, arrives at the Moroboshi household, creating chaos at every turn A miniature gentleman and self-proclaimed playboy, Ten loves Lum but hates Ataru How will Ataru contend with this new fire-breathing nemesis? For[...]