Ryan K. Lindsay

Beautiful Canvas #1 Review: Crimes Of Sound And Fury Signifying Nothing

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Beautiful Canvas is a new crime (ish?) comic out this week from Black Mask Studios. I say "crime-ish" since it seems to have a crime story at the heart of it, buried as it is under a few layers of super powers, made-for-TV-movie characters and baffling dialog choices. (Seriously, can anyone tell me what […]

IDW To Publish Headspace From Ryan K Lindsay And Eric Zawadski

The digital comic Headspace, originally published by Monkeybrain Inc, is now going to print thanks to IDW Publishing. The story of a small town and its Sheriff that discovers that they exist in someone's mind is from the creative team of Ryan K. Lindsay (CMKY) and Eric Zawadski (Last Born). "Headspace is a personal tale […]

Picking Up The Pace In Monkeybrain's Headspace #1

By Ed Saul "There was a small town in the heart of America, and bad things happened there." It's a classic template. There are probably a hundred great or arguably great stories which follow it, and the next part is usually that someone is there to uphold the law. Monkeybrain's Headspace #1 from Ryan K. Lindsay […]