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Long Story Short Director Josh Lawson Breaks Down Time Travel Rom-Com
I spoke with the actor and director about how he conceived the film, how Spall and Zahra Newman were perfect as Teddy and Leanne, and the film's inspirations. Image courtesy of Saban Films Inspiration Behind Long Story Short "I felt like I woke up one morning and looked back on the last few years and really had a[...]
Head of the Class Star Isabella Gomez Talks Leading HBO Max Reboot
Ironically one such opportunity emerged when one of her former co-stars on Netflix/Pop TV reboot of One Day at a Time in Froy Gutierrez talked about a horror film he's involved with that ended up being Saban Films' Initiation I spoke with the actress about the change of scenery, its challenges, and her love for[...]
Head of the Class Star Isabella Gomez Talks Leading HBO Max Reboot
While promoting her horror film Initiation for Saban Films, I spoke with the actress about her upcoming starring role on the HBO Max reboot of the ABC 80s sitcom Head of the Class, which was recently ordered to series following the pilot from Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence. Image courtesy of DFree / Despite only shooting the pilot,[...]
EXCLUSIVE: Hear Two Tracks From Horror Film Initiation
Horror film Initiation is out this Friday from Saban Films It stars Lochlyn Munro ("The Predator," "Riverdale"), Isabella Gomez ("One Day at a Time"), Jon Huertas ("This Is Us"), Froy Gutierrez ("Teen Wolf"), Bart Johnson ("High School Musical"), and Yancy Butler ("Kick-Ass," "Drop Zone") This is a social media horror film with a score from[...]
Initiation Writer, Star Lindsay LaVanchy Talks Horror Film Influences
Inspired in part by Wes Craven's 1996 slasher classic Scream, the actress co-wrote the film with director John Berardo and Brian Frager for Saban Films I spoke to the star, who plays Ellery Scott, about how the project came together, how social media's influence on the film, and her horror fandom The story follows a[...]
Wildcat star Georgina Campbell Talks Film, Character Inspiration
Wildcat provides a unique opportunity for star Georgina Campbell to flex her talents on the action thriller film stage in the Saban Films war drama The TV veteran is known for her memorable roles in Netflix's Black Mirror, HBO's His Dark Materials, and SyFy's Krypton stars as Khadjja Young, a journalist stationed in the Middle[...]
Wildcat Star Luke Benward Talks Film, Georgina Campbell, and Training
Now the former child star returned to familiar roots as a soldier who shares his first name in the thriller Wildcat for Saban Films Luke White finds himself captive at the hands of terrorists with journalist Kadija Young, played by Georgina Campbell I spoke with Benwald about what drew him to the film, working with[...]
Redemption Day: Ernie Hudson Talks Gary Dourdan and Ghostbusters
As the saying goes, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it," and Saban Films' Redemption Day proves the cliché still works when it comes to war action films Gary Dourdan stars as Brad Paxton, a war hero who's seen more than his fair share of combat and suffers from its residual effects in the form[...]
Redemption Day: Ernie Hudson Talks Gary Dourdan and Ghostbusters
When Gary Dourdan took on the role of American war hero Brad Paxton in Saban Films' Redemption Day, he wanted to capture the experience of the military from the combat, the trauma of PTSD, and capture the Moroccan experience "I thought it would be a great opportunity to play an Army hero, a marine with[...]
Redemption Day: Ernie Hudson Talks Gary Dourdan and Ghostbusters
He stars in his latest film opposite his The Family Business costar Gary Dourdan in Saban Films' Redemption Day The story follows war hero Brad Paxton (Dourdan), who must find a way to save his wife (Serinda Swan), who was kidnapped by terrorists While battling his PTSD and with little help, Brad must find his[...]
Breach: Cody Kearsley Talks Fitting In and Learning on the Fly
Image courtesy of Saban Films "I'm friends with Ed [Drake] (who co-wrote with co-star Corey Large)," Kearsley said "He presented the script awhile back, and I loved the determination of what someone would do to protect their family That was the thing that drew to me the most This guy jumps into an environment where he's[...]
Trailer And Poster For New Wrong Turn Film Debuts, Releasing Soon
Saban Films is releasing the latest entry in the Wrong Turn saga; this one is a fresh take, however, from director Mike P Nelson It stars Matthew Modine, Damian Maffei, Bill Sage, Emma Dumont, Valerie Jane Parker, Chaney Morrow, and David Hutchinson And it looks pretty good! For sure, a step up in the franchise[...]
Breach: Bruce Willis vs. Super Zombies in Nonsensical Sci-Fi Action
Image courtesy of Saban Films Nichols plays Chambers, the medical doctor of a space transport carrying a mix of military personnel and civilians on their way to a colony When an alien threat gets smuggled on board, the crew is in a race against time to escape its influence and survive "I've done things like (TV[...]
Wander: Director April Mullen on Film’s Inspiration and All-Star Cast
Image courtesy of Saban Films "My longtime writing partner (Tim Doiron) and I came up with the concept and we built the script from the ground up," Mullen said "I had five years of running shots in my head with the ideal settings, how the film would feel, and to incorporate the world of Arthur's head[...]
Wander: All-Star Cast Shines in Psychological Indie Thriller
Image courtesy of Saban Films The case Arthur finds himself in is a string of deaths where the victims all had similar holes in their chest in the small town of Wander, which also ties to the death of his daughter Others who find their way into his life include those in law enforcement in Elsa[...]