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The Commando Director Asif Akbar on Inspiration Behind Film & Casting
Image courtesy of Saban Films I know a lot of friends and family that are veterans and I made a couple of other projects that dealt with veterans and their PTSD I made a film called Smoke Filled Lungs back in 2015 that dealt heavily with soldiers, PTSD, drug use, prescription drug use, and how that[...]
The Commando: Jeff Fahey Talks Action Film, Veterans & Lawnmower Man
With nearly 40 years and over 175 credits, the actor isn't showing signs of slowing down any time soon with his latest project in Saban Films' The Commando I spoke to the actor about working with writer/director Asif Akbar, his efficiency on set filming his scenes in two days, his co-stars, and reflecting on the[...]
The Commando: Michael Jai White Talks Action Film, PTSD & Co-Stars
Image courtesy of Saban Films "Asif is a real balanced director," White said "I really thought the material was quite responsible for the fact that it brought light to the PTSD issue that a lot of our veterans are dealing with, and to make that the lead character, I thought was a good thing I mean,[...]
EXCLUSIVE: See A Clip From New Thriller Hide And Seek
Image courtesy of Saban Films "I worked on a TV show for about five years called Chuck and the director Joel David Moore is a good friend of Zachary Levi, who was the lead in the show," Jones said "I crossed paths with Joel I think it may have been a party I couldn't remember[...]
Multiverse: Paloma Kwiatkowski & Munro Chambers Talk Film’s Duality
Image courtesy of Saban Films "'Multiverse' was such a crazy script," Kwiatkowski said "I was mostly interested for the challenge of not only having to play two different versions of a character but also like to bring understanding multiverse and quantum entanglement to audiences I was scared of the challenge, but knowing that, I knew it[...]
Multiverse: Sandra Mae Frank on Film and Hollywood Deaf Community
Sandra Mae Frank is getting a wide range of opportunities within various genres in Hollywood as a deaf actress playing Amy in the sci-fi psychological thriller Multiverse for Saban Films Not only is she playing a featured role, but she also gets to play the character's alternative version in the Gaurav Seth film I spoke with[...]
Ida Red Star Frank Grillo Talks Dir John Swab, Josh Hartnett & More
Image courtesy of Saban Films "John Swab and I have done two movies together in the last few years, the last being Body Brokers (2021), and I just love this guy's style of writing and directing It's very Sidney Lumet and Michael Mann I don't feel like I'm blowing smoke saying that I just think he's[...]
Apache Junction Director Justin Lee Growing Up on Westerns
Image courtesy of Saban Films "My grandpa got me into [Westerns], and my first movie coming into the business was a Western," Lee said "That was what I chose to kind of make my mark with, and I have been asked to do them ever since I think 'Apache Junction' I think is my fourth-fifth Western[...]
Long Story Short Director Josh Lawson Breaks Down Time Travel Rom-Com
I spoke with the actor and director about how he conceived the film, how Spall and Zahra Newman were perfect as Teddy and Leanne, and the film's inspirations. Image courtesy of Saban Films Inspiration Behind Long Story Short "I felt like I woke up one morning and looked back on the last few years and really had a[...]
Head of the Class Star Isabella Gomez Talks Leading HBO Max Reboot
Ironically one such opportunity emerged when one of her former co-stars on Netflix/Pop TV reboot of One Day at a Time in Froy Gutierrez talked about a horror film he's involved with that ended up being Saban Films' Initiation I spoke with the actress about the change of scenery, its challenges, and her love for[...]
Head of the Class Star Isabella Gomez Talks Leading HBO Max Reboot
While promoting her horror film Initiation for Saban Films, I spoke with the actress about her upcoming starring role on the HBO Max reboot of the ABC 80s sitcom Head of the Class, which was recently ordered to series following the pilot from Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence. Image courtesy of DFree / Despite only shooting the pilot,[...]
EXCLUSIVE: Hear Two Tracks From Horror Film Initiation
Horror film Initiation is out this Friday from Saban Films It stars Lochlyn Munro ("The Predator," "Riverdale"), Isabella Gomez ("One Day at a Time"), Jon Huertas ("This Is Us"), Froy Gutierrez ("Teen Wolf"), Bart Johnson ("High School Musical"), and Yancy Butler ("Kick-Ass," "Drop Zone") This is a social media horror film with a score from[...]
Initiation Writer, Star Lindsay LaVanchy Talks Horror Film Influences
Inspired in part by Wes Craven's 1996 slasher classic Scream, the actress co-wrote the film with director John Berardo and Brian Frager for Saban Films I spoke to the star, who plays Ellery Scott, about how the project came together, how social media's influence on the film, and her horror fandom The story follows a[...]
Wildcat star Georgina Campbell Talks Film, Character Inspiration
Wildcat provides a unique opportunity for star Georgina Campbell to flex her talents on the action thriller film stage in the Saban Films war drama The TV veteran is known for her memorable roles in Netflix's Black Mirror, HBO's His Dark Materials, and SyFy's Krypton stars as Khadjja Young, a journalist stationed in the Middle[...]