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Pokémon GO Announces Safari Zone Make-ups for October 2021
Back in early 2020, Niantic announced that they've postponed all of that year's scheduled Safari Zone events in Pokémon GO due to the COVID-19 pandemic Rather than flat out reschedule them, Niantic partially followed through with the Safari Zones as remote events for ticket holders which functioned as a precursor to that year's remote GO Fest[...]
Tonight is Squirtle Spotlight Hour in Pokémon GO: Tips & Bonus
Let's get into it. Safari Zone logo in Pokémon GO Credit: Niantic First up, let me just pause to say thanks to Niantic for this When I cover Pokémon GO content, I do so as someone who has been playing the game long before I wrote about the game I love this game, truly, and as a[...]
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Niantic has released new info this morning about the upcoming Pokémon GO Safari Zone event happening in Philadelphia this May The event will take place at Fairmount Park in Philadelphia from Friday, May 8th until to Sunday, May 10th, 2020 Attendees will have a chance to pick up wild Pokémon such as Voltorb, Alolan Sandshrew,[...]
"Pokémon GO" Announces Safari Zone New Taipei City Event
Niantic announced this week that Pokémon GO will be headed to Taiwan as they will hold a Safari Zone event in New Taipei City in October The event will take place from October 3rd-6th, as the developers will be working in conjunction with the New Taipei City government for this one They will be holding[...]
The Next 'Pokémon Go' Event Will Need Worldwide Cooperation
If Trainers around the world catch enough Pokémon, a mystery challenge will be unveiled in Grant Park that, once completed, will unlock an extra-special bonus across the globe." Meanwhile, a number of Safari Zone events will be taking place in Europe, which will give trainers a chance to catch a wide range of Pokémon[...]