Fanboy Rampage: Tom Brevoort Vs. Bleeding Cool Reader vs. Rich Johnston Over Marvel Sales


brevoortfightRemember that time George Lucas jumped on Facebook to debate with fans about whether the Star Wars prequels sucked? No? Well, what about the time Stephen King had an argument in a website comment section over whether or not he really blew it with the ending to The Dark Tower? Oh yeah, that also didn't happen. Well, comics Twitter is like those things if they actually happened, where the people in charge and the people who make the comics actually respond… to everything. Ev. Ry. Thing.

Sometimes when they're not even mentioned directly, though in this case they were. And sometimes, though not in this particular case, quite boorishly.

Anyway, that's how Marvel Senior Vice President Of Publishing Tom Brevoort, a twenty-seven year veteran at Marvel Comics, came to find himself arguing with Bleeding Cool reader @batman497, the four-hundred-and-ninety-seventh @batman on Twitter with over 6 followers as of press time, over whether or not Marvel was to blame for Free Comic Book Day Founder Joe Field's concerns about a poor sales year and a projected rough 2017 for the comics industry.

It all started yesterday, when batman497 called out Marvel, Brevoort, and Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso over Bleeding Cool's report on Joe Field's tweets.

Side note: That's an oddly cheery article image for the subject matter. Brevoort responded:

And it was on…

Even Bleeding Cool Editor-in-Chief and Lead Rumormonger Rich Johnston got in on the action:


In addition to the sales discussion, Johnston and @batman497 had a side conversation about whether or not the current Marvel was the "real" Marvel, with Johnston pointing out that Stan Lee would have changed even more about the Marvel Universe than what is different today, were he still in charge. That's probably a good discussion for a different Fanboy Rampage.  In any case, the sales debate continued:

Finally Brevoort returned from sleeping or working or whatever he was doing instead of arguing on Twitter – what nerve! – to respond again:

And to another thread as well:

@batman497 responded with some sales numbers from today…

…and some numbers from 2006, when the original Civil War was published.


According to Brevoort, the numbers from Comichron aren't "remotely accurate." Well, that's a-whole-nother can of worms, isn't it?

Now, if you'll excuse us, we're going to go binge watch Fuller House.

Fanboy Rampage was a blog by Graeme "Graham" McMillan dedicated to the funniest, most ludicrous and most inappropriate comic book back-and-forths online. McMillan has moved on now, becoming a proper journalist for the likes of The Hollywood Reporter and Wired but he gave permission to Bleeding Cool to revive his great creation. This was the politest one that's ever occured in history.

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