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Nightwing #35 cover by Bernard Chang and Marcelo Maiolo
It's Nightwing, and it's Sam Humphries, so I'm still reviewing it. Actually, the fact that it's Nightwing and Humphries is what's so odd about this one. This comic is oddly mean-spirited The woman in the beginning is drawn extra fat and disgusting There is the pitiable Guppy character, for whom Dick has very little sympathy[...]
Green Lanterns #32 variant cover by Brandon Peterson
Plus, the emotional catharsis of the showdown between Simon and Nazir wraps up a subplot that has been running in the background for a few issues now. Sam Humphries wrote a very charming book here, and I adored it. Scott Godlewski's art work is a bit more cartoonish than the art of much of the series, but,[...]
Nightwing's Butt Now In The Capable Hands Of Humphries And Chang (And His Book Too)
Sam Humphries and Bernard Chang will take over Nightwing in December. Tim Seeley may have believed he had gotten the better of Sam Humphries when it was announced he was taking over Green Lanterns from the writer, but it's Humphries that has gotten the last laugh Humphries will take over Nightwing, ending Seeley's long run on[...]
Sam Humphries did a really good job of giving interesting and compelling backstories to the original seven Green Lanterns They were given distinct and engaging personalities, and seeing them gunned down in droves here feels kind of like a waste It would have been nice to see them develop and change over time or at[...]
green lanterns
In its defense, Sam Humphries has made that a high standard to have to follow You do get tidbits of each of the six that keep them interesting, and seeing Jessica go drill sergeant is pretty damn cool However, this feels like sort of a predetermined plot beat, and it doesn't go too far out[...]
This one was done by Sam Humphries, Steve Rude, and John Kalisz. Rude and Kalisz stray a bit more from the Kirby aesthetic with this story, but the art still has a classical feel They play with shadows well, and it gives a gothic atmosphere which matches Jason and Etrigan perfectly. The Kirby Grabbers this time include[...]
Green Lanterns #27 Review: So What Happened To Simon And Jessica?
They're slinging Green Rings that can make anything, so more than a few things are different here. Jessica's Ring picks up a White Light life sign, which was actually a giveaway to me since I read Blackest Night (I can't believe Blackest Night was almost ten years ago) and it was revealed in that story that that[...]
Green Lanterns #26 Review: More History Of Rami And Volthoom
Rami and Volthoom are interesting characters, and writer Sam Humphries has done a lot to get the audience to want to learn more about these two characters. The reader is made to care about their relationship, even if you do know how it must end The investigation into the First Ring is at the center of[...]
'Rebirth' Recap: Green Lanterns Share Some Buddy Cop Greatness
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] While I did say that Titans is the quintessential Rebirth title, Sam Humphries' Green Lanterns is definitely my favorite. This is a fantastic buddy cop title that uses the tropes of that sub-genre to its advantages and subverts them when it should The pairing of Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz could easily go down in[...]
Green Lanterns #24 Review: Training Day Ends For Simon And Jessica
Meanwhile, Simon still has to survive his training, and the Volthoom-possessed Rami continues his search for the means to recreate his universe-hopping Travel Lantern. Green Lanterns under Sam Humphries has been a fun, lighthearted yet emotionally hefty comic, dealing with death, fear, self-doubt, and lifelong disappointments while managing to maintain an upbeat spirit overall That is[...]
When Dreams Come True: Advance Review Of Jonesy #6
This week brings the release of Jonesy #6, from BOOM! Box written by Sam Humphries, with art by Caitlin Rose Boyle This is the start of the new ARC and I couldn't wait to dive in. Superstar "Stuff" is in town and the thought of being next to him goes straight to Jonesy's head. [WARNING: SPOILERS FOR JONESY BELOW!] It's an interesting thing to think about[...]
Sam Humphries Talks Emerald Sight And The Rogue Guardian
With the release of Green Lantern Rebirth, Sam Humphries sat down with DC All-Access' Tiffany Smith to talk about the new issue He tells us its a good jumping on point for new readers as both Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz are rookies and the readers will be learning about things as the two heroes[...]