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"Samurai Gunn 2" includes a Campaign, Co-Op Mode, and a Visual Novel
Beau Blyth, co-creator of Hyper-Light Drifter, and studio Teknopants are bringing Samurai Gunn 2 to the Nintendo Switch as a limited-time exclusive before the game launches on other platforms Much like the original Samurai Gunn, the sequel includes a brutal, fast-paced free-for-all verses mode designed for 2-4 players The controls in versus mode have been improved, and new[...]
Samurai Gunn 2 is Still Complete and Utter Chaos
Double Fine and Teknopants' Samurai Gunn 2 is coming to the Switch, because no console says "party ruining PvP machine" quite like a Nintendo console So SG2 will be in the perfect place alongside the Switch's numerous multiplayer party games. That said, the Switch version of Samurai Gunn 2 will have a new, expansive adventure mode[...]