Guardians of the Galaxy #148 Review: Drax on the Sax

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The Guardians of the Galaxy continue to have their hands full with the Nova Corps situation. Star-Lord and Nova Richard Rider are standing before a massive Infinity Stone, shown to them by Nova Corpsman Eve Bakian. It is the Power Stone, and it seems to be the real deal by all evidence.

Meanwhile, Rocket Raccoon has scrounged up some dirty Nova Corps members. Drax the Destroyer has found the Nova who lost Thanos, and he must see how clean they are.

Guardians of the Galaxy #148 cover by Aaron Kuder and Ive Svorcina
Guardians of the Galaxy #148 cover by Aaron Kuder and Ive Svorcina

Those hoping for some explanation or even a little elaboration on the gigantic Power Stone won't have their wishes fulfilled in this issue. This issue just lets you know it's the real deal and then moves on to its other plot lines.

That is a little frustrating, but it does help that the Drax plot is short but sweet. We get to see him show his intimidating side once more with some crooked Corpsmen. The sweet side of Drax is shown too in his interactions with non-bad guys.

Rocket Raccoon gets some time to be the smug little jerk we all adore. The team still isn't entirely mended, though, as there is still considerable friction between Star-Lord, Drax, and Gamora.

A long-absent and much-missed Guardian of the Galaxy shows up in an ending tease, which makes me quite happy. All I can say is that I am happy to be seein-k him here once again.

Also, Drax is a sexy sax man.

Guardians of the Galaxy #148 art by Marcus To and Ian Herring
Guardians of the Galaxy #148 art by Marcus To and Ian Herring

Marcus To's artwork continues to impress, as, even in comparison to these last few issues, Guardians of the Galaxy #148 is especially gorgeous. Drax is made into a towering figure. The shading work is especially effective. The Nova uniforms look great in no small part thanks to the striking color art of Ian Herring. The electric blue stands out proudly in this installment.

Despite the frustration with the big Infinity Stone just hanging out there without elaboration or explanation, Guardians of the Galaxy #148 is still a fun read. A Drax-centric issue feels just like what this comic needed right now. The dialogue is good and often quite funny. Marcus To and Ian Herring bring us some great visuals. It was an all-around solid book, and I can recommend it quite easily. Pick this one up.

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