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Neve Campbell attends the premiere of "Skyscraper" at AMC Loews Lincoln Square on July 10, 2018, in New York City. Editorial credit: JStone /

Neve Campbell On Possibly Returning To The Scream Franchise

I really liked where they left things at the end of Scream 4, and I don't think they would continue that story Although the franchise has always been about spoofing trends in horror and watching Sydney return ala, Laurie Strode in Halloween could be fun I don't know Without Wes Craven, I just don't see[...]

Why Scream 4 Deserves its Newfound Appreciation

5 Things We Would Like to See in "Scream 5"

The conclusion of Scream 4 showed the central trio in a positive light; however, this could be an opportunity to show a rattled Sidney, Dewey, or Gale As they enter a new decade, the lingering idea of being targeted for prior events of other films or new killers altogether is enough to make anyone stir[...]

Why Scream 4 Deserves its Newfound Appreciation

Why "Scream 4" Deserves its Newfound Appreciation

Within the last several months, social media, as well as select media outlets, have finally acknowledged that Wes Craven's Scream 4 is a solid body of work At the time of its release, horror wasn't focused on the slasher genre and it felt like its achievements went largely unnoticed Now, eight years after the film[...]

How Scream 4 Could Have Started Instead

The Scream 4 DVD and Blu-ray are on shelves in the UK now, but they're almost entirely without special features Come October 4th, I'm going to plump for the Region A option instead, with its tidy little package of supplements.Amongst those "extras" will be an alternative opening for the film Chances are, they plumped for[...]

Scream 5 Is A Sure Thing For Harvey Weinstein

I'd like a Scream 5, in theory, but the ending of part 4 seemed to wrap things up in such a way that any new episode could seem rather redundant. Or maybe there's some clever new twist I've just not thought of, a loophole through which the arc can be curved on further. I hope […]

Blind Film Critic Knocks Scream 4 For Having Long Sections Of Visual Storytelling

I think the headline says it all. [youtube][/youtube] What I choose to take away from this is that we need more availability of audio-described films. Indeed, my screening of this very film was preceded by a little promo that told me the cinema I was in offered subtitled and audio-described films, but not how many, […]

Scream 4, Review 1, Footnotes 13

This is the first of our Scream 4 reviews, written by Ben Shillito It's got some spoilers, including some details of the big opening and of a crucial late scene We're guessing that you've had your chance to see the film now, or if you haven't, that you might want to come back to this[...]

New Scream 4 Pictures Spill Blood And Spoilers

Here are a series of newly released Scream 4 images Consider these an object in modern movie marketing, and how it isn't afraid to reveal key plot points.Which is to say, look closely at these pictures and some of the film's surprises will be spoiled.And finally, I'm very curious about this[...]

Writers Being Sought For Scream 5

Josh Hylton writes for Bleeding Cool: The more I hear about Scream 4, the more worried I become I'm a big fan of the original trilogy, but it's hard to find anyone who thinks the third film really stands up to the two that came before it In part, that's due to the substantially worse writing[...]

The First Victim Of Scream 4 Revealed

When Scream 4 was announced, before even the tiniest detail of how the film would play out had been revealed, it was already expected that the picture would kick off with another "Drew" getting the chop.Now, it seems like we know who the new Drew will be We're heading into SPOILER territory now, so if[...]

Jamie Kennedy Seems Unsure If He's In Scream 4 Or Not

Kate Atherton writes for Bleeding Cool: With a projected release date of 11 April 2011, one would imagine that Scream 4's production is done and dusted However, since the summer, when filming began, there have been rumours about well-known faces turning up in murder cameos, especially in those moments before the opening credits Anna Paquin and Kristin[...]

First Trailer For Scream 4 Overflows With Teases

And then there's the not-so-surprise cameo reveal...Scream 4 will be with us in April of next year I know I'm excited.I particularly like the new signifier that a "slashing" is about to occur: a camera being set up in an opportune position Let me coin the phrase "happy slashing" now.Of course, we know that this[...]

Hey, Look – Here's That Scream 4 Video I Promised You

Flashbacks? Now, Scream 4 isn't going to go all Back to the Future 2 on us, is it?Previously: Wes Craven said he was not "given control of the script"; series creator Kevin Williamson appeared to take a step back - and possibly spread rumours; and there were rewrites by Ehren Krueger A recipe for disaster?[...]

Some Scream 4 Plot Details, At Last – UPDATED With More

I'll make this quick because in a few hours, Entertainment Tonight will air their behind the scenes piece on Scream 4 and give me lots more to write about Already, however, they've previewed that piece on their site and on their show.First of all, here's a clip from last night that plugs tonight's segment:And now,[...]

Tuesday Rushes – Blood Stains, Fake Magic, Super's Sale And More

Blow screenwriter David McKenna is scripting.In case you didn't notice their logo, Coming Soon were responsible for disseminating the Tron Legacy banner at the head of the post.Wes Craven has been making with the wet stuff on the set of Scream 4 Here's a couple of his own pictures:That film's cast has now expanded to include[...]

Wes Craven Tweets An Image Of Scream 4's Killer… Perhaps

Wes Craven has posted an image from the set of Scream 4 to Flickr and his Twitter account.Here's a few things we don't know by might assume about this picture: That it shows us the killer.That Courtney Cox the actor or actress playing the killer is under that mask.That it's the lighting making the robe look[...]