70 Pictures from the Quantum Mechanix Booth at SDCC – Q-Figs, Star Trek, Pennywise!

Q-Figs are some of the cutest and best collectibles on the market, and at last weekend's SDCC, there were plenty of them on display. Quantum Mechanix has crafted its own little corner of the figure market, and Q-Figs are thankfully stronger than they have ever been. Figures from Harry Potter, Marvel, DC Comics, and more were on full display, some making their public debut.

The sculpting work on these are what I appreciate the most. They are just so dynamic and different from other similar collectibles. Nobody else can really compete. Most of all, they stay true to the characters' looks while at the same time exaggerating certain features. I can't get enough of these.

They also had their 1/6th scale figures from Star Trek, Supernatural, and The Princess Bride on display. One caught my attention above all others, however: that Pennywise from last year's film adaptation is a sight to behold, fellow collectors. They nailed that one, and the alternate head is something I have not been able to stop thinking about since I laid eyes on it.The Star Trek ones are also of great quality, although I have seen these before.

Between those, plush, and tons of other Star Trek merch, the Quantum Mechanix booth continues to be one of the best places on a con floor to visit. They are sure to put a smile on your face!

Check out the gallery below for all of the Q-Figs goodness and more!


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