Check out 150+ Pics From the Bluefin, Bandai, and Storm Collectibles Booths at SDCC

Bandai, Bluefin, and Storm Collectibles were vying for you import dollars on the show floor at SDCC, and all three made pretty strong cases! Over at the Bandai Tamashii Nations booth, they had a ton of the new Figuarts figures from DC, Marvel, Star Wars, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Dragonball Z, Godzilla, and more! The Infinity War Figuarts are pretty nice looking, and the surprise of the show was how well the Harry Potter ones have turned out.

Hoping over to Storm Collectibles, it was all about the Mortal Kombat displays. They are going all in on that line. Ermac was perfect, as was Goro and Shao Kahn. Smoke was a sweet surprise, and hopefully that Sub Zero is approved to move forward with. Not just Mortal Kombat was on display however. DC Comics characters Lobo and Darkseid from Injustice are coming, and plenty of Street Fighter's cast was represented.

Finally, at the Bluefin booth, a plethora of Gundam figures were on display. A sweet Naruto figure was next to some new Transformers figures. The Power Rangers Zords, Voltron, and their ever popular Star Wars model kits were out in full force.

Check out the massive gallery below!

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