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Image To Reprint Walking Dead #97, #98 and #99
It's been a while since we've had a Walking Dead second print, Image Comics have been content for the comics to sell out and go to $30 on eBay But after the announcement of the Walking Dead #100 second print, it looks like the previous issues in the Fear story-line are now also getting the same treatment. And[...]
383,612 Issues Is Not Enough – Walking Dead #100 Gets A Second Print
And is now going to second print. But remember, that a million downloaded the Walking Dead game, and eight million watch the chow in the US alone There's still room for growth The Walking Dead has legs, it seems. I think it might be going for the Spider-Man Obama record… Despite having a first print run of[...]
X-O Manowar #2 Sells Out Of 23,000 Print Run, Goes To Second Print
The first issue sold out of its 45,000 print run, the second issue of X-O Manowar from Valiant has now done the same for its 23,000 print run, with a second print out next month (but orderable from Monday). The second print cover is a sketch variation of Arturo Lozzi's variant for the first printing. The[...]
The Spider #1 Sells Out, Here's The Second Print
This is the cover to the second print of The Spider #1, which launched from Dynamite today Because, yes, the first print sold out fast They're taking orders now… Here's a look at the comic below… as well as pages for issue 4 to follow. [issuu width=420 height=315 backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=120502094205-11d289ab17bd4f9f8c578140ed2b64c3 name=spider01-prev username=richjohnston tag=bleedingcool unit=px v=2] [...]
Fanboys Vs Zombies Vs Diamond
Before you knew it, Our Love Is Real was picked up by Image, he was writing Ultimates for Marvel, Higher Earth for Boom!, launching a new self-series, Sacrifice… and also Fanboys Vs Zombies for Boom. The first issue of which is out next week, but not only have I heard that it's sold out from Diamond[...]
Star Wars: Dawn Of The Jedi Gets Even Rarer
So Dark Horse made a second print. Which it seems was severely allocated, as retailer demand increased and increased, many shops receiving no copies, some getting a fraction of what they ordered. Third prints are expected But right now issue 0 is selling copies for over $23, with issue 1 selling for $15. Now the second prints are a[...]
DC Comics To Reprint… Pretty Much Everything On March 28th
Batman #1 gets a fourth printing, Batman #4 gets a third printing, Batman: The Dark Knight #1 gets a third printing and Batman: The Dark Knight #6 gets a second printing too All on March 28th Who said print was dead? Action Comics #1 is to get a fifth printing with a recoloured first print cover,[...]
Grace Randolph's Supurbia Sells Out, Gets A Second Print
Hopefully that means there will be enough to go around next week… and a second printing (cover above) for when that's not enough. Supurbia, drawn by Russell Dauterman and Gabriel Cassata has been described as The Incredibles meets Desparate Housewives Grace Randolph, who appears in Stacktastic! and Between The Pages video blogs for Bleeding Cool seems[...]
Batman #5 Spins Us A Second Print
Batman #5, a literal topsy turvy journey for Batman and the Court of Owls, leading to the upcoming Bats Vs Owls crossover, will be getting a second print, the first of the New 52 issue 5s to get that honour. The second print will be available on March 7th It joins Batman #1 getting its third[...]
X-Sanction #1 Second Print Covers In Glorious Black And White
  Here are the second print covers to X-Sanction #1, being rushed to stores by Marvel for the last week in December, and before the second issue of this AVX prequel ships in early January So quickly, it seems, all the colouring fell off.     Here are the second print covers to X-Sanction #1, being rushed to[...]
Thursday Trending Topics: DC Eats The Worm
An interesting bit of swipefile fallout took the top spot today, as DC apparently took note of the Mongolian Death Worm similarity mentioned below, bit the bullet, and changed it for the second print of Stormwatch #1  As a longtime production guy, I can tell you that later printings are very often chock full of[...]