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One of the coolest items we've probably received all year came to us this month from SEGA as they sent us a SEGA Genesis Mini to review Back in the day, when it came to most video games you were one of two kids: a Nintendo kid or a SEGA kid I was a Nintendo[...]
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This week we have a bunch of awesome video game releases as well as some special items like the SEGA Genesis Mini and Apple Arcade Check out the complete list below, choose your titles wisely, and as always; have fun! Credit: WBIE September 17th AI: The Somnium Files Limited Edition (PS4, Switch) Bus Simulator (PS4, XB1) Castle Crashers Remastered (PS4,[...]
SEGA Wants You To Send Them Your Genesis Story
Before SEGA releases the SEGA GEnesis Mini this fall, the company is looking for you, the fans, to tell them your Genesis story Basically, if the Genesis in any way was a pivotal part of your life, they would like to hear about it Whether you saved up a ton of money to buy one[...]
We Played Around With The SEGA Genesis-Mini During E3 2019
An item we had to try out this year at E3 2019 was the SEGA Genesis Mini, and we got our chance to do it during our appointment with the company After we wrote so many stories about this thing leading up to the reveal, plus all the game announcements the past few weeks, we[...]
Tetris Among The Last Games Added To The Sega Genesis Mini
SEGA has revealed the last set of games coming to the SEGA Genesis Mini and there are some pretty cool titles here including… Tetris? Yes, that's correct The twelve remaining games, and yes, we did say twelve because they added two more to the original 40-game library, were announced today Those twelve are Darius, Virtua Fighter[...]
Genesis Mini: Ghouls n' Ghosts, Golden Axe, Street Fighter II Revealed
The third round of SEGA Genesis Mini games has been announced, and the latest set of games brings in gems like Ghouls n' Ghosts, Golden Axe, and Street Fighter II. SEGA are revealing the full Genesis Mini library in batches of ten, with 40 games total releasing with the system. This batch of games includes: Beyond Oasis Ghouls n' Ghosts Alex Kidd[...]
SEGA Reveals the Full Details on the Sega Genesis Mini
SEGA has finally released details of what the Sega Genesis Mini will look like in North America, as well as the library of games it will come with For those of who you experienced the mini version that was released by AtGames a year and a half ago, this is an overall improvement as it[...]