Sergio Davila

Project: Superpowers #1 cover by Francesco Mattina

Project: Superpowers #1 Review: The Project Begins Anew

That creates the illusion of sudden complexity, but these things didn't just suddenly spring up sometime in the early 2000's.[caption id="attachment_900340" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Project: Superpowers #1 art by Sergio Davila and Felideus[/caption]Sergio Davila’s artwork is quite gorgeous His style leans on the realistic, giving a detailed and textured look to everyone and everything[...]

Writer's Commentary: Rob Williams on the 10-Cent Project Superpowers #0

Last week Dynamite published Project Superpowers #0 kicking off the new series, for 10 cents an issue, written by Rob Williams and drawn by Sergio Davila Williams looks through his process in this issue, with the first few pages for illustration. PROJECT SUPERPOWERS #0 (W) Rob Williams (A) Sergio Davila (CA) Francesco Mattina Superpowers #0: Project Superpowers is[...]

Titans Special #1 cover by Brandon Peterson

Titans Special #1 Review: A New Era of Titans

The friendship angle to the previous Titans lineup will be missed, but I look forward to how Dan Abnett makes the new chemistry work.[caption id="attachment_866704" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Titans Special #1 art by Sergio Davila, Vicente Cifuentes, and Luis Guerrero[/caption]A slew of artists and color artists contributed to this comic, and to break down each artist’s[...]

A Look Inside Project Superpowers #1 by Rob Williams and Sergio Davila

Last month the announced a #0 issue for $0.10 and now they're showing off some of the interior pages from issue one drawn by Sergio Davila (Injustice, Superman) The new story is being done by Rob Williams (Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn) and begins with the #0 issue in July and the #1 issue in August.The[...]

Project Superpowers

Rob Williams to Write Relaunch of Project Superpowers

10 years after it was first launched, Dynamite is bringing back a new Project Superpowers series with Rob Williams (Suicide Squad) and Sergio Davila (Injustice) at the helm The new series will kick off in July with a #0 issue set at only 10 cents -- to go with the 10th anniversary, obviously They're calling[...]

Wonder Woman #32 cover by Bryan Hitch and Alex Sinclair

Wonder Woman #32 Review: Parademons And Parents

Unfortunately, it just isn’t clicking for me.Sergio Davila’s artwork is quite good at least It’s fleshed-out, detailed, and Wonder Woman does look like a legendary warrior in this style Romulo Fajardo Jr.’s color work is as impressive as ever.This still isn’t a bad comic, though It is fun in parts, Wonder Woman is a great[...]

Conan the Slayer #9 Review- A Good, If Slow, Adventure For The Cimmerian

Sergio Davila and Michael Atiyeh put together a really nice-looking comic that is sure to please its readers.The caveat is, and yes, it is a barbarian comic, but the T&A factor is laid on a little strong on the women It’s not aided by the fact that one woman character is Conan’s goal and the[...]

Free On Bleeding Cool – Swords of Sorrow #1 By Simone And Davila

There was even a certain number of Vampirella statues available, but those are now gone.To promote the bundle, the publisher has given us Swords of Sorrow #1 by Gail Simone and Sergio Davila This was the first issue of their all-female lead summer event from last year that was spearheaded by Simone and her hand[...]

Frank Barbiere Talks How The Precinct Was Outside Of His Wheelhouse

Cover is by Sergio Davila and Ivan Nunes Interiors by Crizam Cristhian Zamora and Dinei Ribeiro.DAVID WALKER: Did you have any specific influences while you were working on The Precinct? Is there any music you listen to in order to get you in the right state of mind for writing this book?FRANK BARBIERE: I have[...]

Free On Bleeding Cool – Swords Of Sorrow #1

But it all started here with this issue by even architect Gail Simone and artist Sergio Davila.More Swords of Sorrow issues along with other female lead stories are being offered in the latest Groupees bundle now.Swords of Sorrow is coming to an end The all-female written summer event for Dynamite featured their female lead[...]

Gail Simone's Commentary For Swords Of Sorrow #6

Writer and event architect Gail Simone has done up a commentary for the final issue of the Swords of Sorrow series:Before I get into the meat of this issue, I just wanted to give some thanks to artist Sergio Davila, who did such an amazing job on this impossible assignment He had to draw Mars[...]

A Look Inside Swords Of Sorrow #6

The issue was written by Gail Simone and drawn by Sergio Davila with colors by Jorge Sutil. IT ALL ENDS NOW The planet-crushing finale to this epic crossover ends here! With a key player down for the count, can the remaining warriors (and their Swords of Sorrow) hold the tide against Purgatori and the other CHAOS[...]

Swords Of Sorrow #6 Gets 6 Interlocking Covers By Nei Ruffino

With Dynamite's big summer event, Swords of Sorrow, coming to an end… Comic Xposure has put together this very special 6-part interlocking cover by fan favorite artist Nei Ruffino.The covers feature Lady Zorro, Dejah Thoris, Purgatori, Vampirella, Red Sonja, Jungle Girl and Pantha. To get this set of covers, click here .  

New Cosplay Incentive Cover For Swords Of Sorrow Final Issue

The issue is written by Gail Simone and drawn by Sergio Davila.The photo was taken by Andrew Dobell and the models involved are Tasha MacKenzie as Dejah Thoris,Chiquitita as Shanna, MoJo Jones as Vampirella and Lyons as Red Sonja.For more information on Swords of Sorrow #6, click here.[youtube][/youtube][...]

Sergio Davila's Process Art For Swords Of Sorrow #5

Here we have some process art by the talented Sergio Davila for the Gail Simone written Swords of Sorrow #5 The main series in Dynamite's all-female written summer event, the series combines all of the major female characters in the publisher's library into one big storyline. As the epic era-spanning tale rockets towards conclusion, reluctant heroines[...]

A Look At Sergio Davila's Art For Swords Of Sorrow #4

Here is some of the process art for Swords of Sorrow #4 by Sergio Davila with colors by Jorge Sutil This issue is written by Gail Simone and is part of Dynamite's big summer event. The wildest Dynamite crossover epic ever told continues at whole cities are smashed together in the prelude to inter-dimensional war! It's[...]

Free On Bleeding Cool – Swords Of Sorrow #1 By Gail Simone And Sergio Davila

We have the first issue of Dynamite's summer event Swords of Sorrow written by fan favorite Gail Simone and drawn by Sergio Davila The is the first part of the event that includes the main series and a few miniseries and one-shots focusing on the iconic female characters in the publishers library Looking at the[...]

Sergio Davila's Process Art For Swords Of Sorrow #3

Dynamite's summer event Swords Of Sorrow is rolling along towards its third issue and we have the process art from Sergio Davila to show It's from a script by Gail Simone and will be in comic shops on July 8th.For more information on Swords of Sorrow #3, click here.Dynamite's[...]

Brent Peeples And Sergio Davila's Process Art For Legenderry: Green Hornet

The cover is penciled by Sergio Davila with colors by Ivan Nunes, while the interior pages are done by Brent Peeples with colors by Michael Bartolo. This is it--the climax to the action packed series! The Green Hornet and Brass Hornet throw down with the Veiled Lady and BlackMass, while Kato and Grimes take on Tik-Tok's Deacons[...]

The Process Art Of Swords Of Sorrow #2 By Sergio Davila

Here is Swords of Sorrow #2 process art from Sergio Davila and colored by Jorge Sutil The story is written by Gail Simone.  Gail Simone (Batgirl, Red Sonja) and rising star Sergio Davila (Legenderry) team to bring you this epic tale, featuring the most amazing, most beloved, and fiercest pulp heroines of all time! All the[...]