Wonder Woman #32 Review: Parademons And Parents

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Wonder Woman #32 cover by Bryan Hitch and Alex Sinclair
Wonder Woman #32 cover by Bryan Hitch and Alex Sinclair

Wonder Woman as well as Steve Trevor and his Oddfellows have found a Parademon nest in the Catacombs underneath Paris. This is somehow related to Grail's killing of Hercules, even if Diana can't prove it yet.

After clearing the nest, Diana shown the extent of Hercules' estate by Hooper. A part of this is a letter intended for Wonder Woman which tells her that she has a brother who is a descendent of Jason of Argonaut fame. Naturally, Diana goes out to find this brother.

A big part of Wonder Woman's story in Rebirth is the redefining of her mythos. We know now that she is a child of Zeus, though that came from the New 52 era. As such, she is technically a sibling of all of the Greek Pantheon. That makes the significance of this new sibling a little more weird, especially since he has the qualifier "twin" in relation to Diana. I'm not sure what that means in this context.

Wonder Woman #32, understandably, tries to undercut the presence of Hercules by having the character admit to all the terrible things he did in Greek mythology.

Wonder Woman #32 art by Sergo Davila and Romulo Fajarado Jr.
Wonder Woman #32 art by Sergo Davila and Romulo Fajarado Jr.

Yet, despite all of this, there is still the emotional disconnect which Rucka and Fontana's stints on Wonder Woman didn't have. It still feels so impersonal, and it just feels like more generic superhero fare. The Parademon section especially highlights how this is more interested in the adventure than the implications of the adventure.

That is a shame since the plot with Grail attempting to feed Darkseid with the power of gods is interesting. I want to be engaged. Unfortunately, it just isn't clicking for me.

Sergio Davila's artwork is quite good at least. It's fleshed-out, detailed, and Wonder Woman does look like a legendary warrior in this style. Romulo Fajardo Jr.'s color work is as impressive as ever.

This still isn't a bad comic, though. It is fun in parts, Wonder Woman is a great hero, and the art is damn good. However, it just doesn't quite feel like a good Wonder Woman comic. I can tentatively recommend it, but it just doesn't quite measure up to the rest of the Rebirth fare.

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