Seth Kushner

Brooklyn Street To Be Named For Seth Kushner, Writer & Pop Culture Photographer

This past weekend, news started appearing on social media that Pop Culture photographer and comics writer of Schmuck, Seth Kushner, would soon be honored by the posthumous dual-naming of the street he grew up on in Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn as "Seth Kushner Way" Full details later emerged Kushner, who passed away in May at[...]

Jonathan Ames Introduces Schmuck As 'Funny, Honest, & Brave', Plus First Look

From one Brooklynite to another--award winning writer Jonathan Ames (whose new Starz show, Blunt Talk premiers in only 2 days on August 22nd starring Patrick Stewart), has written the introduction to the graphic novel Schmuck, which features the work of 22 indie cartoonists to tell the semi-autobio tale of Seth Kushner's quest for love It's[...]

Friends And Family Gather To Remember Seth Kushner's Name

On Wednesday, May 20th, 2015, a visitation gathering and service were held at Nieberg Midwood Memorial Chapel, Coney Island, for Seth Kushner and he was laid to rest at New Montefiore Cemetery in West Babylon There were as many people present paying their respects as could fit in the chapel. At most gatherings, whether weddings,[...]

The Comics Community Pays Tribute To Seth Kushner(UPDATE)

Last night we learned of the death of photographer, writer and comic creator Seth Kushner And all through the day we have been learning how many lives he touched Sites like Robot6, The Beat, Newsarama and Comic reported the news and the impact of the man, as did Bleeding Cool's Editor-In-Chief Hannah Means-Shannon.Donations for[...]

Lying In The Gutters – 18th May 2015 – The Tigra Who Came To Tea

It's a sad day for comics, with the passing of Seth. But this is what you have been reading this week. Cartoon courtesy of Martin Hand. Top Twenty Traffic Of The Week 1. Replacing The FF And X-Men On Secret Wars Image With Marvel Studio Characters 2. The Identity Of The New Female Thor Leaks Online (Marvel Official […]

Inspirational Pop Culture Photographer & Comic Creator Seth Kushner Has Passed Away

My studio mate, friend, and inspiration Seth Kushner has passed away as of May 17th, following a long struggle with Leukemia which in turn presented him with a host of medical complications For those who have been following Seth’s story throughout his Leukemia treatment and fundraisers, you’ll know that he, in fact, did beat Leukemia,[...]

Kushner And Folz's Roman Nose Gets A Darwyn Cooke Cover

The Roman Nose has been in development for well over a year, a collaboration between pop culture and professional photographer as well as comics writer Seth Kushner, and comic artist George Folz You may well have come across these two names in different contexts fairly recently.Kushner has just celebrated one year as a Leukemia survivor[...]

Preview MoCCA Fest '15 Debut Secret Sauce From Seth Kushner

As many of the comics community members know, Seth Kushner has been down but certainly not out as he has with great tenacity survived nearly a year long struggle with Leukemia Welcoming him back is a great pleasure, and he's bringing his new comic Secret Sauce to MoCCA Fest this weekend in New York.Here's our[...]

Breaking: Hang Dai Editions Universe Implodes In 'Fade To Whack: Fart In A Windstorm'

Bleeding Cool received a strangely urgent missive tonight in the wake of all of the Big Two announcements that undermined the stability of all fictional universes.That statement was: Hang Dai Editions, formed in 2014 by four New York cartoonists, Gregory Benton, Dean Haspiel, Seth Kushner, and Josh Neufeld, announced today on their website that the Hang Dai[...]

Things To Look Forward To In 2015: Seth Kushner's Schmuck Is Coming To Print

Hang Dai Editions, the collective publication label of several members of Hang Dai Studios in Gowanus, Brooklyn, announced today that the successfully Kickstarted graphic novel anthology comprised of the semi-autobio writings of Seth Kushner and the work of 22 indie comics artists, Schmuck would be going beyond its Kickstarter goal by reaching print distribution in[...]

Bleeding Cool's Best Comic Panels of 2014

Williams IIIHannah Means-Shannon's choices are:The Cigar That Fell In Love With A Pipe, by David Camus and Nick AbadzisFear, My Dear: A Billy Dogma Experience, by Dean HaspielSchmuck: Discotheque, by Seth Kushner and George Jurard Buzz Tippett's choice is:  Savage Dragon #199 by Erik Larsen Every page was a double page spread! The panels[...]

Hanging At Hang Dai Studios With Joe Infurnari, Dean Haspiel, And Seth Kushner

The unseen but nevertheless atmospherically present member of the studio, and one of its founding members, was Seth Kushner, award-winning photographer and comics writer currently in the hospital fighting Leukemia, but a phone call later in the afternoon brought him even closer to his creative home.I've known most of these folks since my first steps[...]

Seth Kushner Publishes Free Superhero Photocomix From His Hospital Bed While Fighting Cancer

I was privy to seeing some print versions of Seth Kushner's excellent "Costumed Characters" photocomix last Spring at MoCCA Fest when he produced some print copies of a collection called Forcefield Photocomix Seth Kushner's award-winning photography in comics, including his massive tribute to comics creators with Chris Irving, Leaping Tall Buildings, is well known in[...]

When The Going Gets Tough: A Creator In Need Still Needs Our Help

For those of you who have been following Seth Kushner's struggle with aggressive onset Leukemia, and for the many, many members of the comics community who are his friends, it's been a season of hard news following a season of big struggles Award-winning pop culture photographer and comics writer, Seth Kushner began an aggressive battle[...]