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Kevin Eastman's TMNT: Shredder In Hell #3 Cover On Auction
Taking bids today at ComicConnect is his cover for issue #3 of the Shredder in Hell mini-series Featuring Shredder against a Wolverine-looking demon in hell, this one is a steal right now, only $60 as of this writing Check it out below. Credit Comic Connect Kevin Eastman TMNT Art At A Bargain "Kevin Eastman pencils and inks; cover[...]
Shredder Struggles Against Echoes of Himself in "Shredder in Hell" #3
They part ways, and Shredder is confronted by the echoes of his father, the turtles, and most of the foes he's faced in life. //Credit: IDW Publishing Shredder in Hell is pretty remarkably brought to life by Mateus Santolouco, who handles both the art and the story There's an epic, ephemeral quality to all of the art,[...]
What Does Hell Look Like for Shredder? A Shredder in Hell #1 Preview
But we're just getting to see it now, as the Shredder in Hell mini-series kicks off tomorrow, presumably leading to Shredder's return just in time for TMNT #100. In any case, IDW has released a preview of the comic, which hits stores tomorrow So, what does hell look like for Shredder? Well, that's not very hellish at[...]