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Skydance New Media & Marvel Announce New Game At D23 Expo
Skydance New Media and Marvel Entertainment announced a brand new AAA video game in the works at D23 Expo today According to the details released during the presentation, this will be a new narrative-driven, ensemble adventure game set in the Marvel Universe featuring Black Panther and Captain America The game doesn't have a title yet,[...]
Skydance New Media & Lucasfilm Games Reveal New Star Wars Project
Skydance New Media and Lucasfilm Games revealed today that they're partnering up to work on a brand new Star Wars project According to the details, which were a bit sparse because the announcement is so new, the two entities will be working on a cinematic action-adventure game featuring an original story within that universe This[...]
Skydance New Media To Make A New Marvel Narrative Action Game
Skydance New Media announced today they have a new deal with Marvel Entertainment to make a narrative action title for those unfamiliar with the studio, this is the new interactive division of Skydance Media founded by award-winning writer and director Amy Hennig (who is heading up the company) and Electronic Arts veteran Julian Beak They[...]