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Don't Expect An Oblivion Or Morrowind Remaster As Skyrim Special Edition Was A One Off
Ever since Skyrim Special Edition, the question of more in the Elder Scrolls series has not been far away What about Oblivion? What about Morrowind? Well, bad news It looks like those things aren't happening Speaking to Official Xbox Magazine UK (via GamesRadar), Bethesda's Todd Howard said the Skyrim remaster was more of a one off due to[...]
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Remastered Gets Gameplay Footage In New Trailer
Skyrim: Special Edition is just around the corner now, but weirdly, we actually haven't seen it in action too much. Well, Bethesda have finally come to oblige, showing off the game's new visuals in this new gameplay trailer for the game It looks like a lot of work has been done on the game, but I think[...]
Skyrim Isn't Confirmed For Nintendo Switch Despite Being In The Reveal Trailer
However, here is one bit I didn't expect to hear. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, presumably the upcoming remaster, was a big part of the reveal video, but weirdly it seems that it isn't confirmed for the system A Bethesda spokesperson told, that while they enjoyed working with Nintendo on the video, it doesn't mean[...]
Skyrim Is Getting A Live Concert In London To Celebrate The Remaster
The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim's soundtrack is one of the best soundtracks from the last couple of years It has a lot of depth and variety, and if you find the full version, seeing just how much music was put together for that game is staggering. Well, if you are London based and wanted to catch the[...]
While It Is Coming Someday, The Elder Scrolls 6 Is Not Being Worked On Right Now
Talk of a new mainline addition to The Elder Scrolls series has followed Bethesda since 2011 when Skyrim came out With Bethesda Softworks now having Fallout 4 out of the way too, that talk is starting to kick up again. Back at E3, Bethesda's Todd Howard had made comments about the prospective sequel, saying that the[...]
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim HD Remaster Confirmed At Bethesda's E3 Conference
As was prophesied by the great leakers of the internet, Skyrim is indeed getting a new remaster. It looks like a pretty significant upgrade too This isn't a simply FPS bump, but instead looks rather beautiful and very colourful It really looks great, with a lot of work done here. As expected this new version of the[...]
Rumour Suggests That Skyrim Is Getting A Remaster
Radio Podcast saying he expects Bethesda to announce a remaster. than ran with that and claimed it was Skyrim getting the treatment, and then a user on NeoGAF named Enter The Dragon came in and said it was true, that it would feature all content, better graphics and have Mod support on console. None of that is completely solid, but[...]
Shirley Curry Is A 79 Year Old Let's Player Who Plays Skyrim
Here is Shirley Curry, a 79 year old who has started a Let's Play series for Skyrim It's lovely, and it's pretty awesome seeing someone her age be so fascinated in the moment to moment play. Take a look at the first episode here, which has nearly gotten half a million views so far! I hope to[...]
The Next Elder Scrolls Won't Be For A Very Long Time
Maybe it is just my love of the beautiful word over the desolate wastes, but the universe of Skyrim grabbed me much more than Fallout 3's personally. But it seems I and many other fans are out of luck for quite a while now Speaking to DualShockers (via VG247), Bethesda's Pete Hines said not to expect the[...]