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2000 AD #2051 Review: Riots, Gambling, And Angry Gods
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] 2000 AD #2051 cover by David Millgate 2000 AD #2051 continues the tales of Judge Dredd, Slaine, Sinister Dexter, Indigo Prime, and Grey Area. The continuation of the 'Icon' arc for Judge Dredd, by T.C Eglington, Colin MacNeil, and Chris Blythe finds the media further instigating the riots, and the rioters have plans for the intended[...]
2000 AD #2050 Review: A Mixed Bag With Some Compelling Tales
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] 2000 AD #2050 cover by Simon Davis In this extra-sized issue of the sci-fi anthology book, 2000 AD, we have stories of Judge Dredd, Rogue Trooper, Grey Area, Slaine, Indigo Prime, Sinister Dexter, and The Fall of Dead World. The Judge Dredd story entitled 'Icon', by T.C Eglington, Colin MacNeil, and Chris Blythe, is about a[...]
Jump On Board With This Week's 2000AD
Prog 1924 offers a brand new jumping on point for new readers of 2000AD, and each of the five featured stories in this issue contains introductory information sheets like this one, here featuring Slaine: Quite handy—if you know a potential 2000AD reader in your life, now's the time to bring them into the fold[...]
MCM Comic Con Birmingham: Pat Mills Talks Marshal Law, 2000AD And Slaine
Using Slaine, The Horned God as a great example, he recognized that the labour intensive, rich painted, almost sculptured, art of Simon Bisley could not be a sustainable model for producing comics on a profitable scale. What he did find interesting, as an aside, was the reality of comics in the UK in the late 70s[...]
My Favourite Reference In The New League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Comic
Such as Janni's bodyguard, Hugo. He seems to represent a number of characters, firstly the Irish mythological figure of Cú Chulainn, who defended Ulster against invading armies single handedly, famed for his battle frenzies, and who would one day inspire the 2000AD character Slaine. But he is also  Hugo Hercules, dubbed by many as the first comic book superhero[...]
Preview This Week's 2000AD And Judge Dredd Megazine
They'll both be available on Wednesday, June 18th in the UK, digitally everywhere, and a little behind that date in the USA in print. Prog 1886 from 2000AD features Judge Dredd: "Traumatown", Terror Tales: "Done Deal", Slaine: "A Simple Killing", Grey Area: "Nearer My God to Thee", and Indigo Prime: "Perfect Day". And here's our preview of[...]
Preview This Week's 2000AD And Judge Dredd Megazine – Judge Dredd, Indigo Prime, Slaine, Tharg's 3Rillers, Outlier, Black Museum, The Man From The Ministry, Anderson Psi-Division
Both will be available in print in the UK on May 21st, immediately digitally, and at a slight lag to print in the USA. 2000 AD this week features:  Judge Dredd: "Shooters Night", Indigo Prime: "Perfect Day", Slaine: "A Simple Killing", Tharg's 3Rillers: "Colony", and Outlier: Part Nine. And here's our preview: Judge Dredd[...]