Preview 2000AD's 'Jumping On Point' Prog 1874 That Sold Out At The Distributor Level

Well, as the headline says, Prog #1874 for 2000AD has sold out at the distributor level a week early for the first time in the magazine's history, and the reprints should be available by March 31st.

This is no doubt due to the "jumping on point" nature of the book, including 5 all new stories and the return of John Wagner to Judge Dredd as well as plenty of presence discussing upcoming plans at Diamond Retailer Day at the London Super Comic Con.  But selling out at the distributor level doesn't mean you won't find it in your shops if you get ahead of the crowd, and there's plenty of digital for everyone. Likewise, Rebellion have announced that they've launched a monthly print subscription at their online shop which would come in handy for just such an occasion.

So, without further ado this much in demand Prog #1872 includes Judge Dredd: "Megacity Confidential", Slaine: "A Simple Killing", Outlier: "Part One", Sinister Dexter: "Gun Shy", Jaegir: "Strigoi".

And here is your preview:

2000AD Prog 1874 digi1 2000AD Prog 1874 digi2 2000AD Prog 1874 digi3 2000AD Prog 1874 digi4 2000AD Prog 1874 digi5 2000AD Prog 1874 digi7

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