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"Ice Cream Man": Image Comic Book Lands Series Adapt at Quibi

Been awhile since we reported on the upcoming adaptation of W. Maxwell Prince and Martin Morazzo's Image Comics horror-fantasy comic book Ice Cream Man – so much so that I forgot I first reported on it. In my defense, Universal Content Productions (UCP) first made the announcement back in October 2018 – and now it looks […]

'Sneaky Pete' Tip-Toes Right off Amazon Schedule Into Cancellation Land

'Sneaky Pete' Tip-Toes Right off Amazon Schedule Into Cancellation Land

Sneaky Pete is sleeping with the fishes. Amazon has decided to cancel the drama series, which just debuted its third season on the streaming service. Sneaky Pete moved its shooting location from New York to California for its third season, and pulled in over $9 million in tax credits from the Golden State for making […]

Ice Cream Man: W. Maxwell Prince's Image Comics Series Getting TV Adaptation

If Universal Cable Prods. (Happy!, The Umbrella Academy) has its way, you might be thinking twice before you go running after this ice cream truck. Less than a year after its initial release, W. Maxwell Prince's Image Comics series Ice Cream Man is being adapted as a television series, with Sneaky Pete writers Max Reid and […]

Y: Justice League's Diane Lane, 5 More Join FX's 'Y: The Last Man' Series Pilot

The post-apocalyptic world of FX's adaptation of Y: The Last Man just grew dramatically, with Diane Lane (Justice League)  and five additional actors tapped for key roles in the pilot. Based on Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra's post-apocalyptic science fiction comic book series from DC Comics' Vertigo imprint, FX's Y (the pilot's official title) also […]

Sneaky Pete

Sneaky Pete Season 2: Amazon Releases First Official Trailer

The first season of Amazon's Sneaky Pete, produced by Bryan Cranston, saw Marius Josipovic (Giovanni Ribisi) take on the identity of his cellmate Pete Murphy (Ethan Embry) once he got out of jail. He did this to avoid the folks who where out to kill him. Kind of a good plan. Marius was able to […]

Amazon Releases What We Streamed, Downloaded in 2017

At this time of year, there are three things you can be sure of: you'll probably still be writing "2017" for three more weeks; you've rationalized away at least one New Year's resolution; and that you'll be inundated with a ton of "Best/Worst of 2017" lists and other year-end posts (yup, guilty as charged) – […]

Bryan Cranston And Giovanni Ribisi Plays 2 Truths 1 Lie

Normally you get a promo for a TV show, it last maybe a couple minutes and it focuses on the show. Then there is Sneaky Pete from Amazon. They've released this 15-minute video of Bryan Cranston, Margo Martindale, Giovanni Ribisi, Marin Ireland and Graham Yost playing 2 Truths 1 Lie… and I have to admit […]

Watch The First Episode Of Bryan Cranston's Sneaky Pete For Free

Sneaky Pete is an Amazon Prime series from Bryan Cranston… yup, the Breaking Bad guy… and tells the story of Marius (Giovanni Ribisi) who gets out of prison and takes over the identity of his cellmate Pete (Ethan Embry). He moves in with Pete's long estranged family and gets pulled into the family business… bail […]