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Sniper Elite 5: Complete Edition To Launch Later This Month
Rebellion Developments revealed their plans to release Sniper Elite 5: Complete Edition before the end of the month This will essentially be the complete collection of everything the team has created for this game in one package, as you get the main game, all the DLC, all the cosmetics, all the missions, and whatever else[...]
Sniper Elite 5 – Kraken Awakes Released To Cap Off Season 2
Rebellion Developments has released what will be the final content pack of Season 2 for Sniper Elite 5, as you're in for a rough battle when the Kraken Awakens You can buy the content as a stand-alone download for $11, or get it as part of the Season 2 pass, which will soon run out[...]
Sniper Elite 5 Officially Launches Season Pass One
Rebellion Developments have officially launched the Season Pass One for Sniper Elite 5, adding new paid content alongside free content First off, you're getting a new mission developed in partnership with Flix Interactive, which they are calling Landing Force This one is a little extra special as it has been inspired by the movie The[...]
Sniper Elite Will Become A Tabletop Game Next Month
Rebellion Unplugged, the tabletop wing of Rebellion Developments, revealed they will release a Sniper Elite board game next month Simply being called Sniper Elite: The Board Game, this title will have you and up to three more players facing off in a stealth action board game in which one of you will be the expert[...]
Sniper Elite 5 Shows Off The New Invasion Mode
Rebellion Developments released a brand new video this week showing off more of the weapons options to come in Sniper Elite 5 When working to recreate what was going on during World War II, they needed to turn to the best to make sure they got everything they could as accurate as possible Even if[...]
Sniper Elite 5 Shows Off The New Invasion Mode
Rebellion Developments finally revealed what the official release date for Sniper Elite 5 will be along with a new trailer The word came down during Xbox's ID@Xbox Showcase where we learned the game will be coming out on May 26th, 2022 The game is available for pre-order right now as this latest entry will be[...]
WipEout Omega Collection and Sniper Elite 4 are Free with PS Plus
Sony has announced that both the WipEout Omega Collection and Sniper Elite 4 will be free for PlayStation Plus members next month. The WipEout Omega Collection combines WipEout 2048, WipEout HD and the HD Fury expansion and releases them into the wild on the PS4. From the PlayStation Blog: Race against the clock and other competitors to take home a podium win, unlocking[...]
Rebellion Unveils Sniper Elite VR at E3 2019
Rebellion has released a new video for Sniper Elite VR, which reveals the first details about the upcoming shooter. Sniper VR will be a standalone game in the Sniper Elite franchise, so it isn't a remake or remaster It is a whole new way to enjoy the exacting gameplay that's made the franchise so noteworthy. Revellion paired up with Just Add[...]
Rebellion Will Be Announcing a Third New Game at E3
The studio will be bringing three titles to the expo: Evil Genius 2, Sniper Elite VR, and a "new major unannounced title." Rebellion first announced Evil Genius 2 in June 2017, and will show the world-domination sim to press for the first time at E3 2019, while fans can look forward to more details on the highly anticipated PC[...]
Sniper Elite 2 Remaster at GDC
credit// Rebellion Rebellion's remaster of Sniper Elite 2 was playable at GDC last month, to show off the all new graphics, rendering technology, and improved x-ray kill cam. The soul of the game is still the same in the remaster, with players taking on the role of elite sniper Karl Fairburne, who parachuted into Berlin for the Nazis' final[...]
Sniper Elite 4's Deathstorm Part 1 DLC Is Set For Next Week
Rebellion is pushing out their newest DLC for Sniper Elite 4 next week called Deathstorm Part 1: Inception which will be the first chapter in a new three-episode campaign, a new multiplayer game mode, and new map to go along with it. The new DLC story is set after the main campaign and is set on a Nazi naval[...]