Sniper Elite 4's Deathstorm Part 1 DLC Is Set For Next Week


Rebellion is pushing out their newest DLC for Sniper Elite 4 next week called Deathstorm Part 1: Inception which will be the first chapter in a new three-episode campaign, a new multiplayer game mode, and new map to go along with it.

The new DLC story is set after the main campaign and is set on a Nazi naval base in northern Italy. So naturally hero Karl Fairburne has to go in and finish off some of the Nazis left alive after a recent bombing run. This story gets its name from a package he has to retrieve which is codenamed "Deathstorm" and is tied to the Manhattan Project.

Now, what that would be doing in a Nazi naval base in the first place is beyond me, but that's sort of the point yeah?



There's also a Night Fighter expansion pack, which includes new weapons, eight night-themed weapon skins, and character skins both male and female. Mostly cosmetic, but some people are into that. Hey, maybe you'll use those skins as a betting currency – as long as you aren't in one of the many countries that have made skin gambling illegal.


In terms of multiplayer, Sniper Elite 4 is getting a new game mode and map as a free DLC. The new game mode is elimination, a 6v6 battle where eliminating an enemy knocks them out of the match until one of their teammates scores a kill.  The game continues until one team is entirely eliminated. So, basically sniper dodge ball.

To go along with the Night Fighter kit, the new map is called "Night Woods" and provides an atmospheric dark forest to the map roster for multiplayer.

All these DLC packs are coming March 21.


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