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SEGA and iam8bit Release Sonic Colors: Ultimate vinyl soundtrack
Sonic Colors: Ultimate, which was released on platforms earlier this month, is a remaster of the iconic and of course, colorful 2010 Wii title, Sonic Colors The soundtrack is also getting its own re-mastered special release thanks to SEGA partnering with vinyl and collectible company iam8bit. Sonic Colors: Ultimate open edition vinyl soundtrack Image credit: SEGA[...]
Sonic Colors: Ultimate Receives A New Animated Short
SEGA has released a new animated short this morning for Sonic Colors: Ultimate as we learn more about the creatures in Rise Of The Wisps If you're not familiar with the game, Wisps play a major factor in what you can do as different versions can give you special abilities to access parts of the[...]
SEGA Reveals Multiple Sonic The Hedgehog Announcements
SEGA has released a brand new trailer for Sonic Colors: Ultimate as they highlight the powers and abilities of wisps within the game If you never played the original, wisps are a special kind of character introduced into the game that acts as both a plot device and an ability Depending on which one you[...]
SEGA Reveals Multiple Sonic The Hedgehog Announcements
This morning, SEGA has released a brand new spotlight trailer for Sonic Colors: Ultimate, showing off more upgrades to the platforming title While the announcement that took place earlier this year gave us a glimpse into what we could expect from the game, the devs haven't really delved into what they've actually done with the[...]
Sonic Colors: Ultimate Reveals New Images & Video
SEGA has released new content for Sonic Colors: Ultimate today as players have some new screenshots and video to check out Ever since the game was announced, people have been wondering what improvements would be made to this version of the game We kind of figured there would be some visual improvements, especially for a[...]
SEGA Reveals Multiple Sonic The Hedgehog Announcements
The big announcements today were that Sonic Colors: Ultimate will be coming this September as a revitalized version of the game, the classic games from the Genesis era will be released as a single unit called Sonic Origins, there's a new Sonic game in the mix that they didn't talk too much about but let[...]