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Patrick Stewart Narrated Mocumentary Focused On BB-8
Don't worry, there are no spoilers in this article or video… BB-8, the little orange and white droid that rolls around on a ball is one of the standouts in Star Wars: The Force Awakens The Youtube channel OnlyLeigh decided to make a mocumentary about the droids fictional rise to fame in Hollywood and they got[...]
Stormtroopers In The White House
The President had addressed the media but ended the press conference by saying he was off to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens… then Earnest came in to answer any follow up questions with his two armor clad guards.   Stromtroopers flank @PressSec at White House #StarWars #TheForceAwakens: — ABC News (@ABC) December 18, 2015 [...]
Choose Your Celebratory Soundtrack: 10 Hours Of Star Wars Music
We only have 6 days until the premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens! Could you be more excited? The answer is yes It's time to get pumped It turns out, some kind Youtube goers have compiled some interesting 10 hour soundtracks for the die-hard Star Wars fan (Thanks guys.) I will admit, I listened to the Imperial[...]
J. J. Abrams Wants Ava DuVernay To Direct A Star Wars Movie
While we are still a week until Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits, attention is already beginning to turn to future Star Wars movies Who will direct the movies that still have a spare chair and other speculation is abound Indeed, even J.J Abrams has got into the dream casting mood. Speaking to Yahoo Movies, Abrams[...]
No In Credit Scene For Star Wars: The Force Awakens
There was a Star Wars: The Force Awakens press conference held this afternoon with the majority of the cast along with J J Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy The one glaring omission on the guest list was Mark Hamill The press conference was not big on breaking news Mostly the questions focused on why actor returned[...]
Star Wars: The Force Awakens Playset For Disney Infinity 3.0 Gets Trailer
Star Wars: The Force Awakens is really beginning to ramp up to uncontrollable marketing levels right now As we get more and more TV Sports, that hype is starting to cross mediums. Did you know Disney 3.0 will be the first game to feature the franchise as it currently is (minus Star Wars: Battlefront's Battle of Jakku[...]
Harrison Ford And Omaze Surprise Some Star Wars Fans
A group of Star Wars fans who had previously donated to Omaze were getting a Skype call about a new special premiere for Star Wars: The Force Awakens that they could attend when they had a special visitor pop in. [youtube][/youtube] Stuff like this just makes me like Harrison Ford more and more[...]
Art Awakens: Where Star Wars And Art Meet Charity
Working in conjunction with The Walt Disney Company, Lucas Films and Bad Robot, in preparation for the little known, soon to be release art film Star Wars: The Force Awakens, they held the exhibit entitled – Art Awakens In addition to being an awesome event of pop culture nerdery, the money raised from the sale[...]
It's All About The Droid Noises: Mulling A BB-8 Purchase
Yes, I'm excited about the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens Yes, I really want to buy a BB-8 Like many of you, I watched awesome human Rich Johnston open his very own BB-8 and thought, "well, I need one I just need one." If you haven't seen it already, this is the commercial they're[...]
New International Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer Has Tons Of New Footage
Well, this is a surprise. More or less a whole new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer has arrived surprising everyone It comes from Japan and spends a lot of time with BB8 as well as exploring the characters a little more. Also, the photography on display here is stunning From what we've seen, this movie is,[...]
Official Photos And Descriptions For LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens Sets
If you have been keeping an eye on social media, you know that some of the toys for Star Wars: The Force Awakens have been hitting the shelves and of course there were images of the LEGO sets leaked last month… but now we have the official photos and descriptions for the LEGO sets. LEGO® Star[...]
Star Wars Presentation From D23 Expo With J.J. Abrams And Harrison Ford
During D23 Expo over the weekend, there was a Star Wars: The Force Awakens presentation that included the unveiling of the new Drew Struzan poster The moment was lead by director J.J Abrams and included John Boyega, Daisy Ridley, Oscar Isaac, Lupita N'yongo and Harrison Ford The video below is from Screen Slam. [youtube][/youtube] [...]
Disney Infinity Getting Star Wars: The Force Awakens Finn and Rey Figures
Disney Infinity 3.0 is out in just a few weeks, which will see the toys-to-life game add Star Wars characters to its repertoire, much to the chagrin of many parent's wallets I'm sure. Today at D23, Star Wars: The Force Awakens sets were announced and both Daisy Ridley and John Boyega were on hand to announce[...]
12 High Res Photos From Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Here we have a dozen high res images from Star Wars: The Force Awakens that have been released on-line The images include classic charactrs Han Solo (Harrison Ford), Chewbaca (Peter Mayhew), C-3PO (Anthony Daniels) and R2-D2 We also have new comers Rey (Daisy Ridley), Finn (John Boyega), Poe Damaron (Oscar Isaac), Kylo Ren (Adam Driver),[...]
International Trailer For Star Wars: The Force Awakens Contains New Footage
A new international trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been released and there is some new footage This includes a large military parade and some of the new designs for the film. Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be in theaters December 18th. [youtube][/youtube] A new international trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens has[...]
SDCC '15: Watch The Star Wars: The Force Awakens Panel
The folks at Flicks And The City recorded yesterdays Star Wars: The Force Awakens panel and have posted it on-line Here host Chris Hardwick and the cast and crew includeing J.J Abrams, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford and more answer fan questions and talk about the upcoming film. [youtube][/youtube] [...]
SDCC '15: Star Wars Fever Causes Chaos At Hasbro Booth
We have two reports of the events that took place as the convention began. Joe Glass logged the following report about trying to get a Stormtrooper figure from the Hasbro booth: Getting in a little before the show started for the Preview night of San Diego Comic Con, I found myself wandering the halls a little early,[...]