It's All About The Droid Noises: Mulling A BB-8 Purchase

Yes, I love Star Wars. Yes, I'm excited about the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Yes, I really want to buy a BB-8. Like many of you, I watched awesome human Rich Johnston open his very own BB-8 and thought, "well, I need one. I just need one."

If you haven't seen it already, this is the commercial they're using to advertise the toy:

I don't know if I'm alone on this one, but BB-8 makes a lot of adorable droid noises in that video. Therefore, I would expect my own BB-8 droid to make said droid noises. Yesterday I noticed that while watching Rich's unboxing, there wasn't any notable droid noises coming from the adorable toy. So, I turned to the internet and it seems that the droid will make noise but through the app on your phone. The actually device itself doesn't make noises.

Maybe I'm being too picky, but if I'm going to spend $150 on a toy…I expect it to make the droid noises I've been looking for.

What do you think? Should the lack of cute droid noises affect my decision to purchase? Would it affect yours?

Also, if I'm horribly mistaken, please do let me know!

The BB-8 toy is made by Sphero. You can visit their website here.