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Static #1 Sells For $177 on eBay After Milestone Static Shock News
This weekend at DC Fandome saw Jim Lee give the re-re-announcement of the relaunch of Milestone Comics from DC Comics, starting in February with Milestone Returns #0, a new Static Shock digital-first comic book, a Static Shock graphic novel and an Icon & Rocket series starting Reginald Hudlin also dropped news about a Static Shock[...]
DC Comics Takes The Knee For Juneteenth
Art from DC. The artwork showed a number of Black DC Comics characters taking the knee or posing with the Black Power salute, including Green Lantern, Rocket, Amanda Waller, Hardware, Bumblebee, Aqualad, Icon, The Signal, Black Manta, Mister Terrific, Black Lightning, Superman Of Earth 23, Static, Guardian, Doctor Mid-Nite, Lucius Fox, Bronze Tiger, Vixen, Tyroc, Steel,[...]
Michael Davis, Keynote Speaker at Afro ComicCon on the War for Static Shock
Michael Davis is the Keynote speaker at Afro ComicCon tomorrow at SAE Expression College located in Emeryville, California. His speech is reportedly entitled NOW YOU CAN'T LEAVE: Level Next & The War For Static Shock. Level Next is the media-and-comics company he formed with Wayne Brady Static Shock refers to the Static character he co-created for Milestone, that used his[...]
Static Shock Removed From Justice League United Line-Up
Except between the two… …this fellow went missing. Static, of the comic Static and Static Shock, created by Dwayne McDuffie, Denys Cowan, Derek Dingle and Michael Davis The character was part of the New 52 relaunch back in 2011, and appears to have a TV show and a revival as part of a new Milestone line of[...]
A Comic Book Tale, by Michael Davis, From The Edge
My mother threw out Superman #1 from 1939. This, as it says above, I assure you, is an absolutely true story. My mother Jean Davis, the inspiration for Static's mom Jean Hawkins, was an incredible woman. Raising my sister Sharon and I in what is considered one of the worst housing projects in New York City would have been[...]
Who Are The Other Heroes In The CW Arrow/Flash Spin-off?
While the Mystery Hero seems like it could be Static or Black Lightning I would lean more towards Static since the character has a really good fan base. Though her character is dead, Lotz confirmed she is going to be part of the show while at Fan Fest 2015 as you can see in the video[...]
I Am Static – Michael Davis, From The Edge
Needless to say at the core of any real pop culture movement are its fans, and Milestone's fans take their Milestone seriously. I was counting on that when two weeks ago I wrote a satirical piece called Static Shock Comes To The Big Screen I "revealed" a big screen version of Static Shock was in the[...]
Truth Or Consequences – Michael Davis, From The Edge
I clicked on the link and was treated to a very well-written, well-produced, and just great to watch "History Of Static Shock." When I first watched the link, less than 300 people had seen it The last time I looked, over 22,000 people had viewed it. [youtube][/youtube] There are a few factorial glitches with the piece, but[...]
Help Prevent Static's Co-Creator Being Buried In A Pauper's Grave
Washington is best known as the co-writer of the original Static series with the late Dwayne McDuffie and also wrote a number of other Milestone series Mr Washington had a large role in Static's formative years and helped make the character into the endearing hero that's appeared in multiple cartoons and comic books over the[...]
Friday Runaround: Twilight, Static And The Governor
Definitely a bravo." PerryWatch: Katy Perry gets Bluewatered. HEROWatch: Static co-creator Robert L Washington III has passed, age 47, after suffering heart attacks After sufering bouts of homelessness, Washington was being helped by the Hero Initiative, and his last published work was for the Hero anthology from Image last month, talking about the work of the charity. It's[...]
DC Relaunch: Static Shock #1
This looks like it could be Keron Grant's new cover to Static Shock #1 There was meant to be a new Static Shock series starting this Spring by Felicia Henderson, Scott McDaniel and Jonathan Glapion, but it was either postponed or cancelled, depending who you talked to Makes sense that DC may use this relaunch[...]
DC Comments On Static Shock Special
In this morning's Runaround, Bleeding Cool posted a tweet from Tommy Lee Edwards about turning down work on the just-soliocited Static Shock Special. DC is planning a Dwayne McDuffie "tribute" book, but has no plans to donate profits to the poor guy's surviving family or any charity… DC have now told Bleeding Cool; Before Dwayne McDuffie's tragic[...]