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Image Comics Schedules For July, August and a Little September 2020

But they also include the long-delayed Stray Bullets #42 from David Lapham, solicited back in 2018...[caption id="attachment_1204126" align="alignright" width="350"] Image Comics Schedules For July, August and a Little September 2020 Art from Image Comics.[/caption] Image Comics July 2020Pretty Violent #7 The Marked, Vol 1: Fresh Ink TP Protector #4 Oblivion Song By Kirkman & De[...]

Stray Bullets #30 cover by David Lapham

Stray Bullets #30 Review: Unfocused and Hard to Engage With

With her own wits and new friends, the Cosmic Princess and Descartes, Lil’ B must survive the day and get (or avoid getting) a decent education.[caption id="attachment_758024" align="aligncenter" width="585"] Stray Bullets #30 cover by David Lapham[/caption]This issue of Stray Bullets is a bit reminiscent of Danganrapa and a touch of Assassination Classroom (I may not[...]

Image Watch – Talking Outcast With Paul Azaceta

 What Rick Remender is doing with Deadly Class I’ve enjoyed recently.  Wes Craig is doing a phenomenal job with the art on that book, and Lee Loughridge on colors.  The whole package is just f#^%ing phenomenal.  I’m super excited that Stray Bullets  started again.  The Chirs Samnee and Mark Waid Daredevil stuff.  I’ve known Waid[...]

Orbiting Around Stray Bullets, Sovereign, Captain Marvel & Ms. Marvel, Buffy, And Daredevil – With Ed Brisson

[audio:]Bleeding Cool welcomes back The Orbiting Pod, the podcast of Orbital Comics in London.They say:Welcome to Episode 147 of The Orbiting Pod!This week, we take a hit with Stray Bullets: Killers #1, get epic with Sovereign #1, talk idols & inspiration with Captain Marvel #1 & Ms.Marvel #2, see what’s at stake with Buffy Season[...]

Getting Hit By Two Stray Bullets At Once

Over an hour? We've had to wait well over a decade! And today we get two new Stray Bullets comics at once from David Lapham.The comic specialised in telling hard, human, crime dramas with bad people doing bad things, and occasionally good things just to put you on the wrong footing, good people being corrupted[...]

A Comic Show – Secret Avengers Vs. Agents of Shield

 [youtube][/youtube]Aaron Haaland, of A Comic Shop in Orlando, Florida writes:Hey Fandom! It's me, Aaron, talking about new comics now! This is A Comic Show filmed in The Geek Easy! This week was have some more All New Marvel Now's like Secret Avengers, Batman's Dark City finale, and a it's like Christmas for Stray Bullets fans!Ales[...]

In One Week, In Two Weeks – Get Hit By Two Stray Bullets

This Wednesday brings you two new issues of Stray Bullets, the launches of The Crow: Pestilence, Monster & Madman, Avengers Undercover, Captain Marvel, Motormouth, Liberator Earth Crisis, Returning, Six Million Dollar Man Season 6, Magnus Robot Fighter, Secret Avengers and finally getting back to the Batman Zero Year plot...And the week after? The start of[...]

Versatile Horror Master David Lapham's Latest Collection

He’s won an Eisner Award for his creator-owned series Stray Bullets and received critical acclaim for his work on Detective Comics He started as a penciler for Valiant comics in 1990 and twenty years later he took over Crossed from Garth Ennis without missing a beat Since 2011 he has written for Avatar (Crossed, Psychopath,[...]

Avatar Plug of the Week: A Dan Fine Day

For fans of David Lapham's Dan the Unharmable, issue #9 arrives in stores today. If you don't know Dan, you're in luck… as the Dan the Unharmable Vol. 1 TP also arrives today, collecting the first six issues of this cult-favorite crime noir series. 

Avatar Plug of the Week: CALIGULA: HEART OF ROME #2

Today, David (Stray Bullets, Ferals, Crossed) Lapham and painter German Noble bring you Caligula: Heart of Rome #2! The demon Caligula lives, but there are new rivals to him that hunt the fertile grounds of Rome.  (more…) Today, David (Stray Bullets, Ferals, Crossed) Lapham and painter German Noble bring you Caligula: Heart of Rome #2! The demon Caligula lives, but there[...]

Avatar Plug of the Week: CALIGULA: HEART OF ROME #1 Sneak Preview

Caligula returns for an all-new series by the original creative team!  David (Stray Bullets) Lapham and painter German Noble return to the time of hedonism and supernatural evil with Caligula: Heart of Rome #1! They thought the mad emperor destroyed, his mysterious soul box gone, and his body run through with a thousand blades.  But the[...]

12/12/12 Is the End of the World As We Know It, And David Lapham Feels Fine

The Mayan calendar predicts this Wednesday, 12/12/12, will spell the end of the world as we know it, but David Lapham feels fine. The Eisner Award-winning author has three of his own personal series hitting comic shops this Wednesday, all published by Avatar Press. In addition to the debut of Caligula: Heart of Rome – the sequel to his […]

Avatar Plug of the Week: DAN THE UNHARMABLE #7 – New Story Arc!

A new story arc begins in Dan the Unharmable #7 for David Lapham's gonzo noir crime epic!  Dan is your average indestructible slacker.  He doesn't really care about much – a nap here, a burger there, and the occasional job to keep him in double digit cash.  But when his would-be daughter Lizzy tries to […]

Avatar Plug of the Week – DAN THE UNHARMABLE #6 Sneak Preview

Think you are having a bad day? Why don’t you try to escape from a den of sycophantic lunatics with a “scroticular claw” clamped over your manjigglies and a trio of underage girls calling you daddy? Not so funny now is it? The first story arc of crime-writing legend David Lapham (Stray Bullets, Ferals) comes to an amazing over-the-top[...]

No Holds Barred: David Lapham Talks About Dan the Unharmable

His new series, called DAN THE UNHARMABLE, has been his behind-the-scenes pet project for years, an intensely personal tale that he's as passionate about as his other creator-owned works STRAY BULLETS and YOUNG LIARS.  Lapham opens up about this ongoing series for the first time ever, in an interview exclusively with Bleeding Cool (and featuring[...]