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Nine superstar artists and Greg Land have joined current artist Esad Ribic on the book, which could move the needle on orders despite past comments about artists' lack of ability to do so and a generally lukewarm reaction to Marvel's much-hyped Legacy variant cover reveals. According to a press release, Steve McNiven, Russell Dauterman, Chris Samnee, Alex Maleev, Stuart Immonen, Pepe[...]
When Captain America Wielded Mjolnir To Fight Nazis
But now that he does and wants to wholesale enact fascism on USA soil, he can still hold the hammer…maybe Mjolnir can be tricked by Cosmic Cubes too, who knows. But what it did bring to mind is one of the last times Steve Rogers was worthy of holding the hammer of Thor…during Fear Itself, by[...]
Improbable Previews: Spider-Man Battles Rhino, Gets Creative In Clone Conspiracy Omega
We can't guarantee 100% accuracy- in fact, our accuracy may be much lower than that – but we can guarantee that it's better than looking at a bunch of unfinished pages. In this episode of Improbable Previews, we've gotten our hands on two pages from Clone Conspiracy Omega, the aftermath of Marvel's exciting Clone Conspiracy event comic! The[...]
First Look At Pencils Prove Stuart Immonen Has Long Lead Time On Amazing Spider-Man
As first reported right here on Bleeding Cool (pip pip), Stuart Immonen will take over as artist of Amazing Spider-Man with Amazing Spider-Man #25 in March Now, thanks to images we've stolen from Newsarama while Chris Arrant was busy letting other comics journalists know where there were job openings in the comics industry on Twitter[...]
Marvel Celebrates the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars With 48 Variants in 2017
To celebrate, Marvel will be doing a total of 48 variant covers for their Star Wars publishing line starting in January and continuing through 2017. Kevin Wada Some big name artists will be involved, including Kevin Wada, Mike Mayhew, Stuart Immonen, Ryan Stegman, David Lopez, and many more.  They will have a new border marking the anniversary[...]
Mindless Speculation: A Return to Sins Past? Will Slott/Immonen Bring THEM Back?
By Joe Glass We now know that Stuart Immonen is returning to Amazing Spider-Man with writer Dan Slott thanks to…or wait, didn't we kinda tell everyone this days and days ago due to some actual investigation and sleuthing? I forget. Needless to say, we now all know about it, and there's even artwork too! But when I[...]
Mark Millar And Stuart Immonen Announce Empress From Marvel Comics
But Stuart Immonen still has a Marvel exclusive clause, and so Mark Millar has gone back to their rarely-used Icon imprint for his new creator-owned series, Empress. Wade Von Grawbadger will be inking and Dave McCaig colouring. Hollywood Reporter has the PR. "It's a big, fun, bombastic space opera," says Millar of the book, which is eyeing an April start[...]
SPX '15: Kathryn And Stuart Immonen On Finding 'Room For Everything' In Comics
Kathryn and Stuart Immonen were hosted in their first appearance at a Small Press Expo today by Jim Dougan (a comics creator on the digital comics platform ACTIVATE) and thanks were given to Fantom Comics for help arranging the panel. Asked how the comics power couple met, they related their early days meeting through friends in[...]
A Look Inside The Re-imagined Archie #3
Staples also did the main cover with variants done by Ben Caldwell, Cliff Chiang, Stuart Immonen and Andrew Robinson. Something strange is looming over Riverdale—and it's taking the shape of a giant mega-mansion owned by an elusive mogul Why has he chosen the quaint town of Riverdale, USA as his base of operations? And how is[...]
Stuart Immonen Is Marvel's New Star Wars Artist
Yesterday, we told you that John Cassaday's last Star Wars issue would be #6. Well, Star Wars #7's artist has yet to be announced. But from #8, the new artist will be Stuart Immonen from July And here's a look at his planned cover… STAR WARS #8 Written by JASON AARON Art & Cover by STUART IMMONEN On Sale in July! [...]
Falcon As A Black Captain America In The Comics – And In The Movies?
This is the new Captain America, as teased by Marvel last week, Bleeding Cool has been repeatedly informed from well-connected sources that he will be Sam Wilson, The Falcon, as we presumed from the eight month future seen in Time Runs Out. As Steve Rogers suffers the effects of the removed Super Soldier Serum in his comic, The[...]
Stuart Immonen On The New Captain America
This is the new Captain America, as teased by Marvel last week. Who is it, well, those looking at other Marvel teasers shouldn't be too surprised. But the artist of this teaser, is the current artist on All-New X-Men, Stuart Immonen He is leaving that book with #29  and will be drawing Captain America instead. Hopefully we'll get a little of that[...]
Snipe File – A New Comic From Kathryn And Stuart Immonen
Written by Kathryn Immonen, drawn by Stuart Immonen, Snipe was a limited edition comic-stroke-art object limited to 100 editions and sold at comic conventions. It has now been released as a ComiXology Submit title for $1.99. Snipe I follows a wildlife photographer lost in the woods while memories of his previous night's fever dream gradually surface.     Snipe II[...]
The Future Brotherhood Returns In All-New X-Men #27
Could it be that the Brotherhood was right about her? As they prepare to make their devastating move against the original X-Men, these two teams will come to Earth shattering blows once more! When the dust settles, who will be left standing? Find out when ALL-NEW X-MEN #27 explodes into comic shops this May written by[...]