Stuart Immonen Working On A New Bi-Weekly Comic For Marvel Now?

Spinning out of Heroes Con in Charlotte, comes the rumour that Marvel will be launching a new bi-weekly comic book, with Stuart Immonen, at least in part, on art. I hope we can presume some Kathryn Immonen input as well. And since it's bi-weekly, could we also presume Steve Wacker will be involved because he seems to specialise in that kind of thing? It should be shorter than 52 and the like though…

It seems that a number of Marvel characters will be getting new designs and costumes in whatever the hell Marvel are planning to do in October, November and December. Anyway, that will be a thing.

And, as part of the Grand Marvel Switcheroo, after news that Ed Brubaker will be leaving Captain America with issue 19, yes, we appear to have Rick Remender and John Romita Jr on the comic…

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