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Thanos: Death Sentence By Stuart Moore Now Released As Audio Book

Marvel has released a new trailer for the Graphic Audio version of Stuart Moore's prose novel, Thanos: Death Sentence. In the story, Thanos continued pursuit of the Infinity Gems has lead him to being defeated once more by the Marvel heroes, but his beloved Mistress Death give shim one final chance. He is stripped of […]

Andie Tong Teases The Zodiac Legacy From Disney And Stan Lee

Comic artist Andie Tong is working with Stan Lee and Stuart Moore on a new project for Disney Publishing. The premise for the book is that 12 superpowers are set free into the world based on the Zodiac. A Chinese-American teenager named Steven is in the middle of it all as he goes on a […]

SDCC 2014: The Image Panel After The Image Expo Panel

And if they really want to do a job, they'll do a post-con panel on Monday too. Because if you're still standing and functional and able to perform comiconing on Monday after San Diego, then you're serious.  But anyway, here's an archive of Joe Glass's Image Panel liveblog: The first Image panel of Comic-proper, featuring Nick […]

Stuart Moore To Write Final Issue Of Ultimate FF

Joshua Fialkov posted that his final issue of Ultimate FF would be issue 5 and that the series would finish with issue 6, in August. Sad to say that UFF is finished with issue 6, and due to my illness last month, my last issue is 5. Heartbroken but extremely grateful. — Joshua Hale Fialkov […]

Things To Do In New York and Philadelphia This Week If You Like Comics

Tuesday, February 11th The NY Comics & Picture-story Symposium will be meeting at 7:00 PM at Parsons The New School, Kellen auditorium, 66 Fifth Avenue. This is free and open to the public. Presentations will be by Conor Stechschulte and Christopher Adams. Conor Stechschulte will give "a comprehensive look at the ideas and influences that lead […]

Disney And Stan Lee Join Together on Zodiac

Disney Publishing Worldwide has acquired a book based on the Chinese zodiac written by Stan Lee with Stuart Moore, featuring illustrations by Andie Tong. ZODIAC follows Steven Lee, a young Chinese-American teen who is drawn into a mysterious conspiracy surrounding twelve mystical pools of energy and a power-hungry secret organization. When he and other randomly chosen […]

Conan Comic Solicitation Reveals Much About The Film

For some reason, the upcoming Conan the Barbarian 3D is still doppled with the fog of secrecy, with some major characters yet to appear in publicity images, only a very wishy-washy teaser trailer and no official plot blurb worth a jot. There's a tie-in comic book adaptation coming, however, and we've received details of what […]