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Anne Hathaway
Anne Hathaway has signed on to star in StudioCanal's adaptation of Pamela Druckerman's autobiography French Children Don't Throw Food The film is in active development as we speak, with no director chosen quite yet They are working from a script by Jamie Minoprio and Jonathan Stern Anne Hathaway was last seen on screens in Dark[...]
Dr. Who and the Daleks Blu Ray
The planet is also home to the peaceful Thals – whom the Daleks are planning to eradicate. Special Features and Technical Specs: RESTORED ON BEHALF OF STUDIOCANAL NEW Audio Commentary by Writer, Film Critic, Film Historian Kim Newman and Screenwriter, Writer, Film Historian Robert Shearman Audio Commentary with Actresses Jennie Linden and Roberta Tovey and Author Jonathan Sothcott Dalekmania: 57-Minute[...]
“Pippi Longstocking” Film in Development from StudioCanal, Heyday Films
StudioCanal and David Heyman's Heyday Films will be producing the project with the Atrid Lindgren Company, according to the Hollywood Reporter. // Sony Pictures Started in 1945, the Pippi Longstocking series is based off of the bedtime stories Lindgren told her daughter Translated into 77 languages, the books sold over 65 million worldwide There are several TV[...]
Netflix 'Safe' Brings Michael C. Hall Back To Series Television
After The Five, he wanted to write something about family and how we build walls to keep out the bad people, but what if they're on the inside? It's about how far you'd go to protect your family." Studiocanal's U.K.-based production company Red will develop Safe, with  Canal+ airing the series in France and Netflix airing[...]
Studio Asks Theaters To Pull Movie After Attack In France
After the horrendous truck attack in Nice, France on Thursday, Studiocanal pulled their advertising for their film Bastille Day but left it up to the theaters if they wanted to continue showing the film Now that ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack that took place on Bastille Day, the studio has requested theaters pull[...]
Evil Dead 2… The Board Game
Space Goat is putting together an official Evil Dead 2 Board Game in conjunction with Studiocanal It's planned as a tile and miniature survival / horror game I'm not even sure what all of that means, but I'm willing to give it a shot to play Ash Williams. Now, like a lot of things, this is[...]