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What's in the Box?! – Loot Tees – April 2018

A bit of a late entry into last month's subscription boxes, but we finally received our copy of Loot Crate's clothing line of Loot Tees for the month of April Last month we absolutely loved the Ready Player One design that came our way, so we're anxious to see how well this one holds up[...]

What's In The Box?!: Star Trek Mission Crate – April 2018

When the day came that I learned that Loot Crate was making a Star Trek specific box, I was immediately on board! The idea of having a monthly Star Trek-themed subscription box headed to my door made the Trekker in me very happy, as I now knew I'd be getting some cool items at random[...]

comic stacks subscription box

Comic Stacks Subscription Box Brings Books to Your Door

Comic Stacks subscription box is a monthly box of comics and graphic novels sent to your door, carefully curated to get you some of the best that is out there The collection arrives in a very solid, sturdy box to prevent the books from being damaged during the shipping process Inside the box are at[...]

What's In The Box?! Geek Fuel – March 2018

Over the weekend we received our latest subscription box in the form of the red Geek Fuel box for the month of March The company has been on a bit of a roll with the stuff they've sent out recently, so we couldn't wait to check out what they sent our way this month.First up[...]

What's In The Box?! Loot Gaming – February 2018

Probably one of the more awkward shaped boxes we've received from Loot Crate, this week we received the February subscription box from Loot Gaming ready for us to review The last time we got an oddly-shaped box it contained a pretty nice Funko figure inside, so we couldn't wait to crank this one open and[...]

Star Trek Mission Crate

Star Trek Is Now Getting The Loot Crate Treatment

Today it was announced that Loot Crate will be offering a new subscription box that exclusively contains products on the long-running series. All crate subscribers have the potential to be eligible to win Star Trek experiences and products, and U.S subscribers will have access to 20% off 3-months of CBS All Access, the CBS Television Network's[...]

Funko Marvel Collectors Corps First Appearance Box

Unboxing The Funko Marvel Collectors Corps First Appearance Avengers Box

Funko has had a kinda up and down year in the subscription box realm While they now offer four different boxes, the first box they offered was their Marvel box So that one gets held to a little higher standard than the others The Marvel boxes have been hit or miss The Superhero Showdown box[...]

What's In The Box?!: ThinkGeek Capsule – July 2017

ThinkGeek have done an awesome job partnering up with Geek Fuel to release thsi new line of subscription boxes called the ThinkGeek Capsule Last month I was blown away by what was inside, and now this month we're going to see if they can capitalize on that momentum or not with their second official box.First,[...]

What's In The Box?!: Geek Fuel – July 2017

We're nearing the end of the month, which means we're going to start seeing all of our new subscription boxes for July make their way to us The first one to pop up int he mail for me this past week was the latest from Geek Fuel!This month's box felt a little lighter than last[...]

What's In The Box?!: Loot Gaming – June 2017

It's always awesome to see a new subscription box come in the mail, and I was particularly excited to see what out first from Loot Gaming would be Sadly, the United States Postal Service doesn't share our enthusiasm It may not look it from the photo below, but this box was beaten to hell with[...]

What's In The Box?! Our First Review Of The New TeeBlox System

You know what everyone really seems to love from subscription boxes? The t-shirts Even if it's a bad t-shirt or something from a property you don't understand, no one turns down free clothing that makes you look geeky and shows off the stuff you love So I got excited when I learned about TeeBlox, a[...]

What's In The Box?!: Geek Fuel – June 2017

Geek Fuel only got their start in the subscription box business a few years ago, but they've been making some amazing boxes and are on par with many of the bigger names who are cranking them out on a monthly basis We got an opportunity to start receiving these boxes for review, so to start[...]

What's In The Box?!: Think Geek Capsule – June 2017

Which is why it makes perfect sense they'd do a monthly subscription box, but I'm surprised it took this long to make it happen The company has partnered with Geek Fuel (who we will review later today) to create their own awesome box, and we got the privilege of reviewing the first one sent out[...]

Unboxing The Funko Legion Of Collectors Wonder Woman Box *SPOILERS*

I had a great deal of excitement built up for this particular box from Legion Of Collectors. With the Wonder Woman film coming up in a month, I fully expected this box to be stuffed to the gills full of surprises and products like the Superman box a couple months ago. Did it live up […]

Nerd Block Gives Us the Subscription Box We Thought Already Existed

In "this did not already exist?" news, Nerd Block has announced that they are going to begin offering a new Doctor Who themed subscription box It's tagline is (wait for it) - #ITSBIGGERONTHEINSIDE, (see what they did there) The box will be the standard fare: bi-monthly, collectors will receive  exclusive and/or limited edition collectibles (remember when[...]

Loot Anime + Crunchyroll = Anime Heaven

The subscription fees are about the same too.It’s fascinating to see so many companies dive into the subscription box game It can only get bigger from here with partnerships like this one If you subscribe my May 27th, you’ll be in line to get the next box Head on over to Loot Anime’s website now.[...]

Will Greedo Be In There? Next Smuggler's Bounty Theme Announced

The next subscription box's theme will be Cantina I assume we'll get a special Greedo POP! Vinyl to add to our collection, but perhaps I'm wrong I'd be happy with a Solo POP! for sure.For those of you who don't know, the boxes cost $25, but are said to include a $50 value I haven't[...]

Geek Fuel Subscription Box Is Worth It Just For The T-Shirts!

Greetings Bleeding Coolers! I know you're probably wondering where your Geek Shopping Ninja has been...During my last encounter with you I shared that I had switched from Loot Crate to the Geek Fuel subscription box Truth be told, I actually forgot that I had signed up for an ongoing subscription, so when my new box arrived I was puzzled[...]

Loot Crate Unboxing Video – The Summon Crate, September 2015 (SPOILERS)

As we pass the middle of September, excitement breaks out. What is in the new Loot Crate? Warning though… no comic, no T-shirt… so what is there? can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Bleeding Cool's Loot Crate Summon Unboxing – September 2015… ( If you like what you see, you still have a […]