Bob's Burgers 10 Best Summer-Themed Episodes To Beat The Heat To

There are many episodes of FOX's Bob's Burgers, perfect for any occasion, but what about those days where the weather becomes unbearably hot? Well, there's plenty of episodes that'll make those annoyingly hot days a tad bit better when needing to stay inside to stay cool. Below, are ten episodes of Bob's Burgers that center around a summer theme or similar, that make the season a whole lot more fun.

Bob's Burgers: 10 Summer-Themed Episodes To Help Avoid The Heat
Source: FOX

"Bob Fires The Kids" Season 3 Episode 3: Bob becomes afraid of following in his father's stern footsteps and he decides to "fire the kids" in an attempt to get them outdoors and living their childhood. In a hilarious twist, the Belcher kids end up at another job…with some very special blueberries.

"Nude Beach" Season 3 Episode 11: A special section of the local beach has been designated as allowing nudity, and a certain health inspector finds himself living it up while Bob's restaurant experiences a stand-in that threatens via bad music and more.


"It Snakes A Village" Season 3 Episode 18: Florida combined with a retirement village that is full of swingers makes for a fantastic and hilarious episode of Bob's Burgers. Linda's parents reveal some special kinks and the kids attempt to find a lost dog in the woods, all being chaotic and incredibly fun.

"A River Runs Through Bob" Season 4 Episode 1: Bob tries really hard to show off his assumed camping skills while the family helps Tina catch up on some badges she missed while out of her troop.

"The Oeder Games" Season 5 Episode 21: In the most maniacal of methods, that only Mr. Fischoeder can provide, the tenants of Bob's block all compete for a few months of rent but not a lot of dignity.

"The Horse Rider-er" Season 6 Episode 17: The fancy horse camp may not have been possible for the Belcher family's budget, but they will do anything to get Tina to a similar camp. An episode ending with an invisible horse ride by Tina and her family cheering her on the side is all I need.

"Paraders of the Lost Float" Season 7 Episode 21: The song "Hot Pants, Rain Dance" comes from this episode of Bob's Burgers, but also some memorable shots of the family in pickle outfits complete the funny memory for fans.

"Go Tina on the Mountain" Season 8 Episode 14: A camp that has activities stuck inside due to rain sounds like a perfect opportunity for Mr. Frond but a nightmare for the children. Tina wishes to make it to the top of a mountain nearby, but many obstacles stand in her way to do so.

"Boywatch" Season 8 Episode 16: Joining a kids version of a lifeguard group, Tina realizes that it is a lot more than what she believed she'd be signing up for…the girl is in puberty and loved the shirtless opportunities.

"The Ring (But Not Scary)" Season 10 Episode 1: Bob does something adorable for Linda, saving up for a beautiful ring for their anniversary, but the problem comes when the kids end up losing it and trying to secretly find it again before their dad finds out.

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