Protect Yourself From the Heat with the Wallaroo Hat Company

As a collector, there is plenty of ways to find some sweet and rare editions to your collection. With summer already here, that means garage sales and flea market season have arrived. I personally dread the sun, and this summer seems to be a scorcher already. Luckily, there are plenty of companies out there wanting to help assist us in the sun and look good while doing it. My newest and most recent obsession has been with the Wallaroo Hat Company and their fantastic and stylish selection of hats. Thanks to our friends at the Wallaroo Hat Company, we were able to get our hands on this Wallaroo, and I am impressed!

First off, some backstory, I die in the heat and burn very easily, so I am always trying to find new and better ways to cool down. The Wallaroo Hat Company is here to do just that since they were founded in 1999. These hats were inspired by the founder's visits to Australia, as well as a move forward with trendy SPF and UPF clothing. These functional and fashionable hats are super comfortable and are UPF 50+ blocking 97.5% of UV rays. I got my hands on the Outback, which features a 3" brim, is easily foldable, and gives you the perfect John Hammond feels. 

The Wallaroo Hat Company's goal is to help eliminate the threat of skin cancer through prevention, and these hats do just that. UV Rays are worse than ever, and while hunting for that mail-away Cobra Commander might be a grail, getting skin cancer or heat stroke from the sun won't allow you to enjoy that find. I have reviewed plenty of clothing, backpacks, and other knick-knacks here and there, and this is one item I loved so much that I already have purchased a second one. As a leader in the sun-protective hat industry, the Wallaroo Hat Company is exactly what collectors will want to get behind. Collectors can buy their own timeless fedora right here and do not waste any time as it's time to find the retro toys for a steal!

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