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Sunstone Statue From Dynamite & Stjepan Šejić On Kickstarter
Sunstone creator Stjepan Šejić and Dynamite are partnering for a new statue that will be the first from the racy series The Kickstarter for the statue is live, and if you support it, you will get the first-ever statue featuring stars of the series Ally and Lisa It stands at 11.75 inches tall and is[...]
Stjepan Šejić Shows Abadoned Batman Pitch & 2021 Release Plans
Stjepan Šejić is best known as the creator of the hit romance/erotica webcomic Sunstone that went on to become Top Cow's best-selling comic when it was put into print Šejić recently garnered acclaim on Harleen, his DC Black Label take on Harley Quinn, which he wrote and drew in his trademark style[...]
Stjepan Šejić Debuts The Queen and the Woodborn Today on Patreon
This was followed by his decision to post the entirety of Sunstone, his hit romance/erotica series of graphic novels, for free on social media Stjepan Šejić has continued to tease other titles on his Twitter account, including the return of the Top Cow fantasy series Death Vigil as well as entirely new titles[...]
Sunstone Fans Rejoice as Stjepan Šejić Previews New Original Comics
This will include Death Vigil, which returns soon after a long hiatus and Sunstone, which the rebellious creator recently announced, will run for a staggering twenty volumes Stjepan Šejić also promised new titles that he will somehow find time for between producing both of these series The titles, he tweeted, include Fine Print and The Queen and the Woodborn[...]
Stjepan Šejić Flexes On The Comics Industry, Making Sunstone Free
In what can only be interpreted as a gigantic flex on the comics industry at large, Stjepan Šejić has released his hit romance/erotic comic Sunstone for free The renegade comics creator took to social media, following the announcement of his departure from mainstream comics in favor of producing solely creator-owned content, to make this stunning offer[...]
Stjepan Šejić Leaves Corporate Comics For Good
He has long been a fan-favorite creator in the webcomics world, from his days of releasing his romance/erotica/BDSM series Sunstone on DeviantArt for free to now, as he begins to serialize comics on social media Stjepan Šejić spent time as a go-to work-for-hire artist in the indie comics world with his work at Top Cow[...]
Top Cow Teams With Humble Bundle For Science And Sex
The collection features some of Top Cow's more recent and best-selling titles including Sunstone, Aphrodite IX, Think Tank, Symmetry and more And part of the proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders, RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) and WDC (Whale and Dolphin Conservation) You can check out the bundle here. The first tier of the[...]
The Most Unlikely Success Story – The Sunstone Hardcover
And then there is Sunstone from Stjepan Sejic Sunstone is part of a huge personal project for Sejic, the new artist for Aquaman He's been working on it for years while doing a lot of work for Top Cow and some side work for Zenescope, Dynamite and more But he didn't put the book out[...]
Top Cow's Groupees Bundle Offers 39 Digital Trades for $15
Plus Sunstone vol 1. The third and highest tier starts at $15 and you get all of the above plus 25 additional trades Postal volumes 2 and 3, The Tithe volume 2, Think Tank volumes 2, 3 and 4, Magdalena volume 2, IXth Generation volumes 1 and 2, Artifacts volumes 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6,[...]
Matt Hawkins Addresses The State Of Top Cow
Both series have ended and replaced by titles like Think Tank, Sunstone and Tales of Honor That's because the company sees the industry growing in new ways This is the same thing it did back in 1995 when it was obvious that the superhero scene was dominated by Marvel and DC Books like Cyberforce that[...]
Postal #10 And Sunstone Vol 4 In Shops This Week From Top Cow
Postal #10 by Bryan Hill and Isaac Goodhart is about a growing conflict in a small town made up of criminals as a mother and son try to work together, while the Sunstone trade by Stjepan Sejic explore the life, love and bondage between two women who only recently met each other At the end of[...]
IXth Generation, Tithe And Sunstone Trades Hit Stores This Week From Top Cow
Then Hawkins works with Stjepan Sejic on the continuation of Aphrodite IX in IXth Geneartion Volume 1 and finally Sejic on his own has the third volume of his Sunstone series all collected up. It's important to note that anyone who is interested in entering the Top Cow Talent Hunt this time will need a good[...]
Witchblade #182 And Three Trades In Shops This Week From Top Cow
Big week for Top Cow in comics shops as Witchblade #182 comes out along with three trades: Sunstone Vol 2, The Witchblade Born Again Vol 2 and Cyber Force Rebirth Vol 2… that's a lot of second volumes there Here we have a preview of Witchblade #182 and the covers for the three trades. Witchblade #182 Written[...]
A Comic Show – A Sunstone Christmas And A S.H.I.E.L.D. NYE!
Sunstone is Stjepan Sejic's BDSM book that shows us people in that scene are really just sexual nerds That was a nice hook for me Outcast finished it's first arc out with some answers Eric Stephenson's new book They're Not Like Us #1 is definitely worth checking out. Get some comics and enjoy your holidays! Aaron[...]
Stjepan Šejić To Be The New Artist On Rat Queens?
Stjepan Šejić is the creator of Image Comics title Death Vigil, creator of the Sunstone graphic novel recently published to record sales by Image/Top Cow, and recently saw his work highlighted in the Harley Quinn scratch'n'sniff special He has been tipped as a major comic book star in the making. He recently posted a Death Vigil/Rat[...]
Stjepan Šejić's Sunstone Is Top Cow's Highest Ever Ordered Graphic Novel
And I understand that To Cow have had their highest pre-orders ever for a graphic novel, even including the nineties, with the release of Sunstone in January. Especially considering that, rather than a superhero or fantasy series, it's a comic book about BDSM. And now he will be launching the new IXth Generation #1 in January with Matt[...]
Could Sunstone Do For Graphic Novels What Fifty Shades Did For… Novels?
Sunstone, by husband-and-wife team Top Cow artist Stjepan Šejić and writer Linda Luksic Sejic known together as shiniez or separately as nebezial and sigeel on DeviantArt where the comic has been debuted Sunstone is described as an erotic romantic comedy, but it's specifically an exploration of the BDSM sexual relationship of two young women. And it's[...]